IR Pogramming Problem

We are having problems programming the IR card.
We are able to program the first button and the CMD1 button turns on.
We are not able to program the second remote button. When we press the remote button, the error light flashes more rapidly than before and then all lights turn off. We cannot continue from there. We then have to start over by turning off power and trying to reprogram the first button again.

We had some tricky issues with this too.

First, try a few different remotes. You may have one that is incompatible with the IR PCB.

Second, we found that training the IR PCB took a couple of presses of the programmed key in order for the PCB to move on to the next LED.

  1. Power up PCB while holding down the LEARN button.

  2. Press and release the desired remote key. The LED should light and go out. Press the desired remote key again. The LED should light once and move to the next LED. Allow a few seconds between presses. Have a little patience.

  3. Repeat step 2.

Do not hold down the programmed key for too long. This will trigger the error light.

We tried another remote, and the programming operation worked.