IR Receivers mounting

Where do you guys plan on mounting the IR receivers? Specifically at what height? I don’t see the height of the beacons specified anywhere in the manual.

Fourty-four inches is the height of the beacon LEDs (please double check this). Don’t go above this height because the beacon housing blocks emissions above this height (to minimize reflections).


I assume that we shouldnt go belove it either??? Anyone else know if 44 inches is correct?

Hey Atheist,

We built an IR beacon without a housing and raised it 44 inches above ground. We placed our receiver at ground level, and received signals down to 2 feet (on the ground) away from the beacon. Any closer and it got a little sketchy.

Both the receiver and beacon LEDs were aligned to point parallel to the ground.

The LEDs and receiver both seem to have pretty good spread, so you should have a fair bit of flexibility on your mounting height.

I was a little worried at first about mounting height, but once we got it working, I wasn’t so concerned.