Ir Sensor Needed Asap!

My team (710) still has not received a sensor bag. This is not a big deal for the regular sensors cause we have extra’s, but we have not received the new IR sensors. With shipping in sight are programmers are worried cause they have not got to mess with them. We are still in contact with FIRST but we are losing hope. So i am reaching out to the CD community if any team is not using their IR sensor this year would you please contact me by email, pm or AIM to see if you guys can help us and send yours down to us. We need to get it like 2 day shipped and we are in desperate need for it. So please contact as soon as possible


Email: [email protected]

AIM: Sirminnyme

Can’t you just use plain old vanilla Radio Shack IR Sensors?

i dont know can you?

No, you can’t.


Newark will ship overnight:
the Vishay 4840’s are listed as resistors in the catalog.
There is no minimum,

I suggest ~20 ea @.17 ea !!! the overnight will be as much

the following was how my invoice listed them:

NEWARK INONE PART No: 33C1857 ; Opto LEDs, Clear Lens Width, 4.5-5.5 V
1 @ $0.71

They also have the 75A Allegro Current Sensors - (no PCB)

QUANTITY: 1 @ $9.46 = $9.46
Gud Luck

  • Dale

Can’t you order some? See the FAQ for ordering information. If you guys really don’t have the fundage (~$5.00 + shipping), let me know and I’ll send you some.


call at 1-800-4-NEWARK (1-800-463-9275)


Thank you for all the help back we looked on newark but they do not have any in stock and they are backed up 34 days

I located some in stock at

can someone post the part nnumber or a link to the exact part cause i odnt know which one it is. Sorry i am not the programmer guy they just have me sitting here asking while they work

From the FAQ:

**Q: I can’t find the TSOP34840 sensor in stock anywhere. Is there an alternative device?
**A: Yes, use the virtually identical Vishay TSOP4840, which is available at Mouser and Newark (where for some strange reason it’s incorrectly listed as a resistor).