IR sensor problems

We just mounted our IR sensors in a fashion almost identical (except extremely sloppy) to the one found at . However, they seem to detect the same amount of IR regardless of what direction they are pointing in! Unless I physically cover the sensors with both my hands it still detects pretty much the same amount of IR. I have tried wrapping something around it to try and focus the area that it can see with no effect. Any suggestions or tips? In order for the method suggested in the default code for the robot to work the left sensor needs to ONLY see the left side on the same plane and the same goes for the right sensor/side!!!

Have you read the FAQ at Kevin’s site?

Extremely sloppy will nail you.
Ther IR sensors are highly sensitive and they must be sealed against light from any direction except front and to one side.

-Make sure no light of any kind can reach the back of the sensors
-Don’t test in a small crowded room.
-Keep the beacon at least a few feet away from the sensors
-Use a larger black tube.
-Try pointing your tubes more apart from each other like a “V” shape to see if that cuts down on what they’re seeing.
-Try enclosing the tubes more, so they are looking out of a tube, like a shotgun barrel. Start by enclosing them almost entirely then trim tube material away until you get the field of view you want.