IR Sensor trouble

Can some one give me a picture of what the the IR 3 pin connector looks like. We cant find ours and have no clue what they look like!

I’m not exactly sure which one you’re referring to, but look in that.

You just have to solder the pins to the wires and then connect it :slight_smile:

Its the # pin connector that comes in the sensor bag with all the IR stuff!
so is that pic it?

I think he is referring to the place where the PWM cable plugs into on the IR beacon assembly. Right? We had trouble finding ours, too – someone seemed to have looked in the envelope, the connector dropped out, and someone seemed not to have returned it :ahh:

Anyway, it looks like the female end of a pwm cable. It’s black, and relatively small (and hard to find, from experience!). For a somewhat close to life picture, look at this diagram (pdf). The three pin connector is the “black thing” that is just “behind” the FET in the picture at the bottom of page 1.

Hope this helps.

Yah we got the diagram and yah thats what wer elokking for but cant find it so do you know were we could get some??? Or a picture or what it looks like?

FIRST doesn’t list their supplier, and a online search (albeit quick), didn’t produce much for me … but I would imagine if you cut off the female end of of a pwm cable, and solder the ends of the wires into the holes, it would work just the same (granted, insofar as electronics, my specialty is magic smoke :D).

That’s what we did. Just hack off the male end of a PWM cable and solder the other end to the wires/pins on the sensors.