IR Sensors

Hello. My team would like to start to work with IR sensors more. Do you guys know of any good ones that we should try out?

What do you want to measure or detect with your sensors? Why did you choose to look into IR sensors?

We would like to use them as a counter

we use sharp ir sensors not sure what model# but you have to mount them to to something non conductive because they are grounded through the casing.

Banner Sensors have always treated us well. Large selection at Allied Electronics Here

what 1706 did last year:

We drilled a hole in a our shaft, and put an ir led shining through at one end, and an ir camera at the other. as the shaft spins, the camera detects the light twice a rotation. that is how we measured rpm last year for our shooter. this year I have no idea, for I am the vision programmer (which coincidentally I use IR XD).