IR Tracking & Navigation

Attached is a copy of some notes I put together for the IR Tracking stuff. I decided to share it everyone. Hope you like it.

Disclaimer: This was only to serve as a guide, please check the code for exact values and operations.


Technical Notes for the Operation of the IR Tracking System.doc (24.5 KB)

Technical Notes for the Operation of the IR Tracking System.doc (24.5 KB)

This is what FIRST should have included. Unless something got lost from our kit (quite likely), I had no clue about even the basic setup of the system. This is a broad overview of the default code and the theory of the algorithm. I always believe that the easiest way to learn something is to get a general sense of what it does and then dive into specifics. By not releasing any detailed docs, FIRST just made a lot of us lost in the specifics of the code.

There are also some pictures of a sample setup on somewhere, but they don’t appear to be linked from that thread. A simple search in the programming or electrical forums will bring these pics up.

My suggestion: Add pictures of your setup to the doc (or graciously and professionally rip Kevin Watson’s pictures) and submit it as a whitepaper.


Feel free to graciously and professionally rip anything from my website for inclusion in your documentation. BTW, the pictures are located here: everything else is here:


I am working on building an IR beacon, which pins are which, i found a diagram of the outside, what the packaging type was supposed to be from the docs i downloaded off of kevin’s website, but there is a notch that doesn’t exist on the one we got from the kit. So which pin is which?