IR with Radio/Tether

We’ve got the IR all working and good.
Problem is that when we connect the tether averything works fine, but when connected thorugh the radio the IR does not do anything.

Anyone else has the same problem/knows what the solution could possibly be?

Are there any lights on the OI or Robot radios when turned on? Where are you connecting the radio through?

Everything but the IR is working both in Radio and tether…so that will not be the problem…

Are you plugging the radio into the right port? That is something that has caused my team problems in the past. Also do you have your radio set up correctly (team number etc)?

You might need to wire a competition box. See attached doc.

competition-port-pinout-guide-reva.pdf (15.3 KB)

competition-port-pinout-guide-reva.pdf (15.3 KB)