Considering IFIs Supply of IR boards is Out of Stock which i would of thought they would of expected the demand and made them more availaible any ideas on what to do to get another?

Hey ares just fried too, like 3 min ago ( r robo builds up a huge static charge because of the rubber wheels and carpet floor : it hurts pretty bad when youo touch it) where is the site where you order them. I programmed ours already and every thing works fine we just need a replacement before the competition.

The first store on IFI is out of stock on the part. I dont understand how they can be out of stock for good like it says on there. That does not make sense because this is a key component to this years robot.

You may want to debug the board yourself. There have been a lot of teams in earlier posts complaining of the 7805 regulator failing. Find the schematic of the board either at the FIRST documentation website of IFI’s website.

Or just carefully measure the voltages on the 3 regulator pins. pin 1 is the input( 12V), pin 2 is ground, and pin3 is the output( 5V). You read the pins from L-R with the device front facing you.

These parts are very inexpensive and easy to replace. Cut the part leads close to the device first then apply solder and heat to the remaining leads one by one to remove them. This way you can avoid damaging the PC board traces.

If you are not comfortable doing this repair yourself, try a computer/tv repair shop and ask them to help you. ( Do they still repair TVs?)

Good luck!