This is a true story it has all the sources to back it up they found these planes buried under the earth

I wonder what else is burried there with it…

This just in: Fighter planes are not weapons of mass destruction. George W. never mentioned airplanes in his speeches, he mentioned chemical and biological weapons.

If you lie about one thing like fighter jets, whats to say they didnt lie about something else?

You can say the same thing about George.

Lying becomes more of an ethical/moral issue, and should be dicussed in an entirely new thread.

Just in even if they arent weapons of mass destruction they can still kill you and me and are capable of carrying weapons of mass destruction

Just in even if they arent weapons of mass destruction they can still kill you and me and are capable of carrying weapons of mass destruction

So are taxi cabs.

Should we start searching the desert for Iraqi taxi cabs? Of course not, no one is going to drive a taxi cab to the US, or Israel for that matter.

But then, neither is anyone going to a fly a Mig to the US, or Israel. Buried Migs still do not constitute a reason to attack a country. I’m sorry, but I have yet to see any justification for this war.

A lot of nations (and individuals) have a lot of weapons of mass destruction. preemptive attacks against nations with months of forewarning clearly do nothing to lessen that threat. If anything, the most recent war in Iraq has only increased the instability of the region and number of young men pissed off at the US (that means more terriosts).

If you want to decrease the number of nations with WMD, lets start by getting rid of the reason to have them. That means some honest diplomacy sans air strikes. It’s not as exciting, but it offers at least the possibility of success. Something this war never had.

Why people continue to think this war had anything to do with curbing terror is beyond me.

-Andy A.

These are old photographs, actually left over from Iraq-I. During the first Iraqi war, the Iraqi Air Force did bury several of their aircraft to prevent their destruction (others were flown to Iran). I still have the old stories and photo sets floating around in my files somewhere - I will see if I can find them and post. I am not aware of any such incidents during the current Iraq war.


I am not trying to justify the war ia m just showing a picture and then everyone starts attacking

I believe President Bush mentioned, and I’m paraphrasing, WMDs and the means to deliver them. (Such as planes and missiles?)

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Interesting pictures. =-]

Even if they had means to deliver them, doesnt mean they actually have wepons of mass destruction. Most of the so-called evidence that they hve wepons of mass destruction was either from the gulf war or doesnt have enough supporting evidence to prove its authenticity. And finally if they had them, WHY DIDNT THEY USE THEM!?! Anyway, enough arguing, cool pix.

I have relatives in Iraq and they were part of the group that uncovered those planes. They might not have had the weapons at that time, but they have prevent un weapon inspectors from doing thier jobs that were part of the 1991 treaty.

Those planes wouldnt be flyable because the massive amount of sand in the engines and intakes, not to metion the amount of sand that would be in all of the gears and every other part of the plane. In order to fly them again they would have to completely disassemble the planes, clean them and then put them back together and even then it is skeptical if they would fly.

They buried them to hide them from the UN inspectors and the US, The thing is that they were flyable before that and the fact that they are trying to hide them shows they are hiding something more and they have some reason to hide

And, y’know, the United States has a rock solid reputation for following treaties.

Besides the redundancy of the statement, i hide my money, does that mean that if someone finds my money their going to find drugs? i mean you can use money to buy drugs, so its a logical connection based on what you just said (i think, your statement is still kinda confusing). Just because you find something doesn’t mean your going to find more, plus if your afraid of the iraqi air force (who were never trained to fly at night btw) you need to do a little research on how many planes they’ve shot down.

There is still room in the history books for a suprise ending.

Well no i dont expect to find drugs but honestly how many countries burie there migs, must be a new hanger or something. Come on guys i post a article and you guys over analyze some of you even sound like you are trying to defend Sadam Hussein lets not forget how many people he has killed. I know they havent shot down the other planes but it just takes one bomb to kill thousands. Its like 9/11 we never thought they could high jack planes but they finally did.

Very interesting pictures, I circulated the thread throughout my family, friends, proffesors, and fellow students at college. I also recall similar events occuring during the first war though. I want to search the articles that they had noted at the bottom for more information when I get a chance.

~Thanks for posting the interesting link!

Update: these pictures are from July 2003, according to multiple news organizations…

Ryan and I both happen to live about 5 miles from where many of the 9/11 terrorists lived during their planning stages. The HS Ryan and I go to, had a parent who owned a small flight school. She trained a few of the terrorists, not on 737’s but on small jet planes. They came over as pilots from the “United Arab Emirates”. She had a funny feeling about them, and refused to go up with them, and made the other instructors go. They found out later that the U.A.E. had a total of 1 plane. After she saw the faces of the hijackers, she called the FBI at once and had told them everything that happened. (I did go off on a bunny trail, but the reason I did was it was quite shocking to find out you were so close you could have bumped into these men at the store) Who knows what these planes were being used for, or going to be used for?

How do you know they were not?

What you said was complete reverse logic. Planes have a stronger connection to the effect not the cause. Hence the reason I would say your plane has a better connection to drugs, than money. Money can do a lot of things. Planes have a few tasks, transporting things, and scouting. A better question would be, What do you think the planes were used for? An Air Force is a military unit. I’m not even sure if treaties allowed Iraq to build an Air Force. I don’t know the reason you hide your money, but I’m guessing it is so people don’t try to steal it. These planes were not hidden because people were trying to steal them. It’s a bit like hiding a knife away from a child, you don’t want them to take it, and possibly hurt themselves. These planes were hidden because obviously whoever hid them felt like they illegal. You are on the right track, but hiding money isn’t a fair comparison to hiding a plane. Hiding drugs is more along the lines of hiding a plane. The reason you are hiding the drugs is because they are illegal. The same goes for these fighters, they were illegal. You never hid your money because it was an illegal item.

When they found this cute little piece of metal sticking up out from the sand, did they say, ‘bah just a little debris’ No they dug it up, and found it was not just any piece of metal, it was a tail from a fighter jet. Now according to your theories and beliefs kane. We should have just stopped there. Yet when we dug to the left and right and front and back of the plane, what do you think we found then?

“a reported 30 to 40 planes” — Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

I’m sure Ryan is not afraid of the Iraqi Air Force launching an offensive attack but what does concern us, is what were these planes used for? Do you think they were using them to drop relief aid in desperate times? Honestly what is a fighter good for? This raises my concern when I see items like this buried in the ground. What else is buried with it? Where there is smoke there is also fire. So if we see(found) the smoke it is only a matter of time till we find the fire.