personal note My sister-in-law, Cari, is a top ICU nurse, a captain in the airforce. She’s been suddenly sent to Iraq to travel on the “mash” helicopter collecting injured for the next 3 months. Her husband (my husband’s brother) just had knee surgery and is out for for 3 months. He’s not in the military. He’s home in Mississipi taking care of their 5 yo son. My mother-in-law is traveling from Texas to Mississipi to help them. Cheryl

Cheryl, I can fully relate to your story.

One of my coworkers, and good friend, was sent to Iraq for 15 months. He is part of the 143rd Military Police reserves. He joined the reserves for the benefits (college education) and the training with the goal of becoming a state trooper. He never believed the unit would be activated for any circumstance when he joined 3 years ago. He recieved less than 48hrs notice that they were activated and going to Iraq. His wife was a few months pregnant when he left. He is also extremely lucky, 3 months ago a bomb detonated alongside the Humvee he was riding in and recieved injurys from the blast, possibly permanent hearing loss. All in the Humvee were injured but survived. He is now home with the Purple Heart, several surgeries planned for his ears, the future career of law enforcment in jeopardy due to the hearing loss, and most importantly the ability to spend time with his 1 year old daughter now. He is now off active duty due to the injury. That unit may now have it’s mission extended due to recent problems over there. He is still willing to go back if needed only because the rest of his group is there. It’s tough for him knowing the others that put thier lives on the line to protect you and the ones that rescued him are still there in danger.

Cheryl I’ll also pray for Cari and family. This is a tough situation we’re in over there and one that won’t be rectified soon and easily. I didn’t post the above to make you or anyone feel down about what’s happening over there but to show how this situation we’re in affects everyone. I hope Cari makes it through safely and that her mission isn’t extended.


Brings back memories of my 1st husband leaving for Vietnam when I was 2 months pregnant, back 2 weeks before my first was born, suddenly an apt, a baby, a life. My husband with PTSD.

I felt terror when my adult son turned 18 and I realized he could some day be sent off to war.

i feel sorry for those who have lost people. i myself will be in the USAF by the end of next week hopefully, and shipping out in november, not sure where i am going after tech school, i just hope for the best. also 2 of my friends came back from paris island (marines) lately, one is on “computer security” which is more or less hacking, and another is infantry where he has a bazooka…both good kids, i just hope they do well

I pray for all those our in Iraq and other countries not at so much peace. I personally have not lost anybody close in a war, but I have lost many of my close relatives to similar situations. It is terrible when we lose people, but never lose hope. The sun will still keep rising. Moreover, we are all so lucky to be in the inspiring community of FIRST. There is a special place for everyone here, even those not intrested in robots, which is what makes me real happy :).

A member of our team joined the marines shortly after graduating and was sent to Iraq this year. Sadly, he was KIA last month. While war has the potential to be very tragic, the soldiers in Iraq are doing what they believe is right: fighting to defend our country, our freedoms, and us.
Despite our beliefs about the war, we all have the utmost respect and admiration for those brave soldiers sent to Iraq. Our prayers and hearts are with all of them.

this summer i have been having alot of thought in JOing the air force or the army national guard and i was talkign to my recruiter and he sayed if i joined the army national guard i would go to boot camp and prob right after be shipped off. I have been doing alot of praying and i think i am ready to serve this country and to help freedom reign

do you know what you would like to be going into? and what time are you shipping out if you decide to go?

might be interesting to meet some robotics folks in basic besides the few i know already…i have a friend from pit crew who is now stationed in japan for the Air Force, i think hes at least an A1C, if not a Sra by now…hope hes ok