Alright, our IRboard isn’t responding… We can program it and it runs perfectly, everything programs on the board, but once we get it programmed it doesn’t work at all. Are the LED’s supposed to light up when a button is pressed? As our LED’s aren’t lighting, if there is a problem can anyone tell me what it is?

We’re also having the same problem with one of our boards. Did you find out what the problem was? Thanks.

A light should blink when you push a programmed button on the remote. If that isn’t working, try turning the power source off then on. The error LED should light up for a second or so. If that isn’t happening, see if you didn’t hook up the power with the wrong polarity. If you did hook it up wrong, you will need to replace the 5v regulator. If that isn’t the case, the board (or at least the sensor) is defective.

Right. But if we’re having the same problem as niagra127 (which it seems like) the board powers up correctly. It programs correctly (meaning the sensors are working, etc.) just doesn’t work after that. Seems to be the problem discussed in Team Update 10. Unfortunately I can’t find the PIC code anywhere…