IRI 2008- Name-a-game

Since we have lost the meaning of the other thread, I’ll open this one.

There seems to be some interest in having another game similar to the 2006 dodge ball game. If you have any suggestions please post them here, and I will try to get the details planned out and get it passed by the IRI committee.

Suggestions so far…

  • Track-bowling, bowling with trackballs, undefined pins
  • Trackball race, race around with track balls
  • Divided dodge ball, no, not with track balls :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Trackball volleyball, :eek: scared
  • Trackball balancing
  • Crab trackball soccer
  • Longest time to stand on ball?(no high heels!:ahh:)
  • Farthest distance traveled while balanced on ball
    *]Highest distance bounced

Longest time to stand on ball?(no high heels!:ahh:)
Farthest distance traveled while balanced on ball?
Highest distance bounced?

Trackball volleyball
nuff said

How about “Crab Soccer” except “crab overdrive”?? have like like 4 v 4 and play Overdrive except you have to crab… and you get one minute rounds or something… I think that would be fun… But I haven’t played crab soccer since the 5th grade (maybe 4th) so I’m down with that too!

Has anyone ever played Under Over?
That might be fun with trackballs. Well silly.

i vote furthest distance on trackball, and i will enter it.
Or the fastest lap on a trackball

Crab soccer sounds good, our school does that every year for ‘spirit week’ and it’s always good fun to watch/play.
The crab overdrive idea sounds good too, loads of fun.

Let’s see if we can get Karthik into one :eek: (talent show 2007 anyone?)

Really though, crab track (crack?) ball sounds good.

Just combine all of the games into one - chaos = fun.
Actually, I think Human Overdrive would be extremely fun - especially blindfolded but with “operator control” (yelling from someone else). Those who went to Tempest N’ Tampa know what I’m talking about.

volleyball doesn’t work, me and a few others were playing around with the ball, and if you bump the ball, you get knocked over… you know what, volleyball would be fun

well you dont actually bump it and stuff…

We do 2v2 sometimes at our shop and have some pretty amazing volleyball competitions…

occasionally it gets a little out of control and we take out some metal on the rack or hit the mill but generally its quite fun and you get a good workout :smiley:

It has to be trackball soccer. If you’re wondering why, just watch this video.

Best. Game. Ever.

(Yes, this really is how 1114 spends our time.)

If someone could find crab soccer rules, that’d be awesome.

Seeing as the trackballs are used for horse soccer…Trackball soccer all the way.
That or trackball hockey…:smiley:

definitely soccer :-p

I think we have a winner.

We actually got a mean game of track ball hacky sack going on. It was suprisingly easy, once everyone figured out how much force need be applied.

Candidate for funniest display of the Trackball. Also, trackball soccer has my vote.

If you could go outside and play - trackball kickball? A little less high contact than soccer. Schedule it for the next fire alarm. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just remember folks, it needs to be safe…getting kicked in the face with a trackball would more then likely not be considered “safe” by the committee.