IRI 2010 -- Who's Applying?

The IRI gets a great group of teams every year. Who plans to apply this year?

All three Purdue FIRST teams plan on applying (461, 1646, 1747).

343 will be throwing their name in the hat for the first time since 2003.

Good thing you guys are applying.
I have your flag from Curie.

Bacon will be applying. We are already working on the talent show entry.

Team 1592 plans on applying :smiley:

1771 will be applying.

We had a blast last year. The talent show was awesome. But unfortunately, we won’t be able to make it this year.

Hopefully we can return in 2011.

Since IRI has the reputation as the off-season where the best of the best go to play, how good of a record does a team need to have to be considered?

We had the option to go in 2008 but turned it down. We will be applying this year, fingers crossed!

It is more than just the team record that get them considered.
Team 116 goes every year and have yet to win a regional.

I think that 1511 would have a good shot at getting in.

Need some roadies? :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that I will likely be there, however I’m not sure if my team will go.


2791 and 1714 are applying. I’m trying to get some footage of 2791 at CT up, as we performed much better at CT than at WPI. Continuous improvement and all that, I heard it works. Of course, 2791 is already planning and designing off season modificaions.

1714 goes with the “If it gets you to the Championship semifinals and you come within 3 points of beating 1086 and 217, don’t touch it” mentality, I think. The last hurrah for the team’s awesome drivers and coach, all of whom are seniors.

Blue Cheese team 1086 is trying to work out the logistics, but those vary it looks like it is a go. We just need to apply … May 3rd won’t get here soon enough.

IRI is one of those events that every team should try to get to at some point. There’s nothing like getting your butt kicked by the best! :smiley:

Team 980 will apply. We love IRI!

Team 832 Oscar is putting in an application. Hopefully we will see everyone there.

team 1379 is applying! :slight_smile:

to the other georgia teams applying - if more than just one team gets in we should definitely talk about sharing transportation

I’d like to have 964 apply, if funding allows. :slight_smile:

1625 will be there.