IRI 2012 Fundraiser

This year IRI is planning a fundraiser during the lunch break on Saturday. The funds raised will go to a local charity. The idea is that teams will purchase buckets for $45 dollars. The teams then try to get their buckets filled with funds gained by a) team members donating or b) other teams donating. The top 2 donating teams will get to play a 2v2 match against some celebrity FIRSTers. The matches will have humans shooting hoops on one side vs robots shooting hoops on the other side. After the 2.5 min match the winner will be decided. I have been informed that there are trophies for the winners. Also there is a second event for the next highest donating teams. It will be a variation on the shooting game horse only it will be spelled FIRST. This will all take place during lunch on Saturday so make sure you’re there. Look for the table on Friday so you can get started fundraising. Good luck and we’ll see you at the competition!