IRI 2014 T-Shirt Trade

So now that IRI is only a month and 2 weeks away, I thought it is never too early to start a t-shirt trade! I’ll only have a few (2-4) shirts to trade, but I know that many other people on my team would love to trade, and maybe other people on CD would also like to trade! Message me if you’re interested in trading with me, and comment on the thread if you’re just open for trades in general!

I can get 910 shirts in pretty much any size, in exchange for XXL’s. I won’t actually be at IRI but I can arrange for my team to bring them along. I’m especially interested in shirts from 27, 33, 148, 330, 1114, 1718, 2056, or 3098. But I’m open to anything. Here’s a link to a couple pictures for people who may not have seen our shirts before. Message me if you’re interested.

I am always open to trades with teams from anywhere and I can secure any size just let me know what you need, I would love larges but if you can’t get me that then I will take whatever

20 should have a bin of shirts in our pit.
Stop by if you want to trade- we’d love shirts from pretty much every team going to IRI!

I have a medium size shirt that I am willing to trade!

I have a couple of 2014 TechnoKats shirts I’m certainly willing to trade.

This isn’t necessarily a trade, but if anyone wants PNW shirts, they are available for pre-order for $15. We need 50 pre-ordered by June 6th in order for anyone to receive a shirt, so get one while you can! If the goal is not reached, nobody will get charged, but nobody will receive a shirt (sad day).

Definitely getting one of yours. I’m always jealous when I see someone from my team wearing one.

I have a couple of large 1023 shirts. Most red but I have gray and white as well.

I’m interested in any shirt trades. I’m saving one shirt for an 1114 shirt though. I’ve tried for 4 years, I will get one haha!

I have two Shockwave t-shirts (Large) That I’m willing to trade. I’m specifically looking for a shirt from 254, 33, or 67.

I got a 20 shirt at CMP when we were in an alliance with you guys! I wear it ALL the time!

So bumping this thread since IRI is this week. If you are interested in a 179 shirt, even if you are on a team not attending IRI but you personally will be there, we collected shirts from everyone willing to trade and have an abundance of sizes. Feel free to PM me about a trade or stop by our pits or stands and ask for me :smiley:

Have a bunch of Winnovation shirts in size L that I would love to trade for Mediums. Son isn’t able to be at IRI this year but would like to surprise him with some new shirts when he gets back from his backpacking trip.

I can get other sizes as well (even bigger sizes) but would like to trade for Medium.

PM me if interested.

what do your shirts look like i think i am interested in a 179 shirt!!!

P.J. I can trade you a 3098 shirt sometime i would like a 910 shirt but i would rather do it some other time so i can get teams that i might not see again.

Here is our driver wearing this years shirt on the right

I have two 67 shirts, one is a 2X and the other might be an XL, I’m not totally sure as the tag came off. Really looking for a 254 or an 1114 in a 2x also.

I have 2 neon green 4265 shirts a L & M i also have 3 neon pink 4265 shirts 2 M & 1 L willing to trade

They Look like these

Blue Cheese is heading to IRI with a limited edition shirt to trade. Look for it this weekend!