IRI - 2014 Team Invitations

That list of teams* combine for 10 event wins this year, and an additional 13 finalist trophies.

And that’s the group that didn’t get in.

*341 is two of those wins, 1285 was one gold and one silver.

Team 108 is ecstatic to be invited to play with the big boys.

My kids are way too happy tonight to plan.

… But I know that IRI will receive our acceptance over the weekend.

Once Again, it will be the best event of the year!!!
Can’t hardly wait!

What do the axis’ represent?

The Fighting Calculators are excited to attend for our second year in a row, should be a great competition as always!

Also happy to see our partners from champs 2056 and 399 being invited.

Looks like vertical axis is adjusted uOPR, while horizontal axis is number of teams with at least that OPR. A cumulative uOPR distribution turned on its side… so that the difference in OPR is clear.

For example, looking at 60 on the x-axis gives the minimum OPR (on the y-axis) of the top 60 teams at the MSC, in Archimedes, or at the IRI.

Edit: that puts us about where I expected, right around the middle of the pack with a uOPR of 80ish (I think). This is going to be one crazy IRI!

Y = Adjusted OPR Value
X = Teams ranked Highest to lowest OPR at event

at IRI, every team but one has Adj_OPR value of >40.
Will be most competitive event of 2014.

Team 1625 is honored to be accepted, looks like its going to be some tough but fun competition!

I’m happy that Florida will be well represented this year! And for PINK 233 to be able to show their stuff again.

My prayers are with you guys. Good luck and may the best Floridian prevail.

You know the normal qualification system needs work if 9/76 teams attending IRI didn’t play at the World Championship.

are any of the nine teams that didn’t attend champs from a region that has districts?

Perhaps a better way to put this is that the IRI committee considered these 9 teams more qualified than the 28 CMP qualifiers who applied and were not accepted. Three of these 28 were 1285, 341, and 193, who weren’t accepted for other reasons already addressed. Meanwhile, 2 of the 9 teams you refer to are 234 and 1024, who are hosting the IRI…

Also, this statistic could be far worse. That’s only 9 teams (maybe as many as 20 non-CMP qualifiers including those who didn’t apply for the IRI) who are “better” than some of the 400 CMP qualifiers. And by this IRI metric (if we’re gonna call it that), this 5% (20/400) is only “better” than 10% (28, or ~40 teams) of those who qualified. I feel pretty comfortable dismissing this 5% error as statistical noise, rather than claiming a correlation to an inaccurate qualification system (particularly since the IRI and CMP both have about 5-10% noise built-in with auto-qualifications).

Edit: it might be neat to actually figure out some of the statistics here. We could call the qualification system “error” the difference between some ranking that qualifies you for CMP and some other ranking that we like better (such as qualifying for the IRI, worldwide district points, etc.). The above suggests the error distribution is rather narrow around zero (assuming IRI acceptance is the gold standard of qualification systems…). At the very least, even if both CMP qualification and IRI acceptance are horrible measures of team or robot quality, the discrepancy between the two measures is small.

Only 1. List of IRI teams who didn’t play at champs:

107 FiM district

*Won Peachtree as an alliance captain
**Host Team
***Auction winner-Preselected/Auto invite team

I feel that 1730, 1806 and 3928 were snubbed.

1730 ranked 7 at KC, 3 at Bayou and 3 on Galileo and were Galileo Semi-Finalists.
1806 ranked 4 at Central Illinois, 5 at KC and 35 on Newton as a second pick and Newton Semi-Finalist. At KC they lost in finals 1 and finals 3 to the 118-1986 juggernaut by 12 and 5 pts respectively.
3928 ranked 9 at KC and 13 ar North Star and 38 on Newton as a Semi-Finalist who won a match against 1678-1114-1640.

I would like to hear the rationale of the auction being an auto invite to IRI. I acknowledge that the charity money goes to a good cause but I am not sure this sets a good precedent on a “pay to get in basis.” (I tried to look info about it on the IRI website but the silent action tab is not updated since 2012.)

It baffles me that a team with an OPR of .7 will be competing at IRI while a team that ranked 3rd on Galileo will not. I acknowlege that IRI is also about bringing together “strong character teams” but this juxtaposition is almost absurd.

^ so it’s not like IRI acceptance is a perfect measure either.

Looks like some other people would be interested in this:
For each IRI applicant, it shows whether they competed at CMP (A) and whether they were accepted to the IRI (B), as well as “A but not B”, “B but not A”, “neither A nor B”, “A and B”. The second row is the total number of teams in each category.

107 qualified to go to championships but declined to attend. They were one of the best teams in FiM last year.

Top-performing teams had an equal chance to get in via this method.

I think we need to step back and realize that at the end of the day, it’s just a friendly robotics competition (and an offseason one, at that) The charities that this money goes towards is part of something much bigger.

Note that OPR and Ranking are not always accurate indicators of strength (although this is not to say that any of these teams mentioned are not very strong, high performing teams). Performance in eliminations isn’t so great either, as this is dependent on the strength of that alliance as a whole. Robot “strength” is sometimes much less important than alliance composition

At MSC we were alliance partners of 107 and the drive coach said before they even announced qualifying teams, that they did not have the funding to go to worlds.

He also said that they hoped to participate at IRI, as it was much more cost effective event in distance and days for the team to fund.

They finished the season ranked 10th overall in Michigan.

The team can play.

233 Pink team also didn’t qualify for champs. But, then again they had that conflict in Orlando.

233 definitely has a good robot, we faced off against them in a down to the wire squeeker at Chesapeake, final score came down to 2 points.