IRI 2018 | AC?

So, my team will be headed down to IRI in a few weeks, and some of us are a bit hesitant on going or not, the main deciding factor for us right now is if there is AC or not. Does anyone know if there will be AC at IRI?

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Unless there are technical difficulties, there will be AC at IRI.

Will there be bathrooms though?

There are*

Single ply or double?

I hear the weather in China is going to be mid 90’s with ~90% humidity >_>

Not looking forward to that part of my trip.

Lol. Wonder what that feels like :smiley:

Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Nobody said the restrooms would actually be available.

You can come over to the Goat Pen to “do your business” but it’s not AC’d well this time of year.

Lets be honest. We all go for the corn. :smiley:


Could be worse…ask the people in New England the coming week:D But expect great AC in the 4-5 star hotel you’ll be staying in and some part time in the venue.

Don’t get me started

Is that an item in the silent auction this year?

The AC was much better last year after the renovation IMHO.

Somebody has been to MARC…

Youre going to experience a whole new threshold of what hot and humid is.
In past trips, it made DC during the summer, feel like winter.:slight_smile:

Good old Portal O Hell arena…

Air Conditioning or AC power? You could get two completely different answers…

Yeah! Don’t you know that Indiana is all Direct Current! We’ll have none of that fancy alternating stuff.