IRI 2018 Media Room

If you are attending IRI and would like to help with social media we would love to have your help.

Bring your camera and any other equipment that you own and would be interested in using. (Sorry, no drones inside.)

We will be taking photos, sorting them, and uploading them to the IRI flickr account on site as the event progresses. We will also be producing a recap video and any other video types as we have resources. Here is a link to what we did last year.

Be sure to check out our Snap Chat Geo filter when you arrive on site.

If you have any questions or creative ideas before the event just post them here or PM me.


Something VEX Worlds has had in the past that was really fun (but is probably expensive) is a printer dedicated to printing photos from instagram that have a specific hashtag. I believe you can approve photos for approval as they are tagged. It makes for a really fun and memorable experience.

for example #VEXworlds2016

Spectrum will have Suanne there assisting you again and we have a student photographer coming up as well.

What happens to the printed photos? Why do they need printed? Please tell us more.

Wonderful. We had a blast last year!

Team members and mentors keep them, they also get put on the Livestream as they appear on Instagram. It’s a fun live feed for teams to add photos of robots and genrtfun!

Team 195 will have a video crew at IRI this year, we’d love to help in any way we can.

That will be great! Thanks for the offer to help. Here is a link to some work we did last season as an example. Look me up when you get here.