IRI Application Video I would've Submitted

The Minnesota State Championship was held after the IRI applications were due sadly, otherwise I would’ve submitted this video.

For a little context, 5172 (as many/most have heard) is really, really good. They average between 8 and 10 high goals per match. 4607 has been playing defense all year (and throughout team history), and was the 9th overall pick in the Carver division this year. It’s a matchup I wanted to see all year.

Congrats to 5172, 2052, and 3276 on the State Championship! 5172 and 2052 built 2 of the best robots in Minnesota history, and it only made sense that they walk away with a state title.

P.S. playing 2052 was also a blast.

That is some crazy defense! Using that spindly arm to block balls/ intimidate shots looked extremely effective in the hands of your drive team, not even counting how you were able to nearly perfectly match up to your opponents’ moves.

I’m so glad 2502 declined so they could pick you guys, I just wish 2502’s active intake didn’t fall apart in the playoffs. 4607 had an amazing robot this year, and i’m glad 2502 got to play with you guys. If anyone wants to know what defense can do in stronghold, the first team they should watch is 4607. You know you’re good at defense when you can shutdown 5172 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the shoutout Ryan! I just want to say that playing against you guys was a blast all season and as a strategist for multiple competitions and the drive coach at state I’ll be honest and say I definitely didn’t want to face 4607 defense haha… I would of loved to see you guys at IRI though, it’s a shame they didn’t invite one of the best defensive bots in FRC this year.

Some members of our team joked after alliance selection at state that 2502 built the “anti-5172 and 2052 alliance” when they picked 4607 and 2512 haha. It would of been a blast to play all 3 of you guys at full potential… I think the matches would of been very close.