IRI-Are you using old or new drivers?

Just wondering how many teams are going with new drivers at IRI? 910 will be using the same drivers since they will be seniors next year.

We’re using the same drivers.

Last year we used a new driver, who drove this year.

Parker will be MIA this summer so it looks like some other wranglers will be gunning for his job.

You can be sure of one thing… whoever picks up the sticks for 148 will be plenty practiced.

It all depends on the availability of the students during the summer, but if they can make it our graduating senior crew will most likely be driving Miss Daisy one last time.

IRI will be our senior’s last hurrah. Same old drivers…there will be a new and improved bot though :cool:

Our driver will be the same, but since I start college in July, we will have a new operator.

I’ll still be driving since I’m only a junior right now, so i got another year (and same goes for our coach). But we’re putting some younger talent to the test for our operator and human player so that they can have a feel for what competition will be like after my class graduates.

829 will have a new driver and button monkey.
This years driver will be coaching.

Button Monkey, I like that.

We’ll be fielding the same driver, but might have a new button monkey depending on the current button monkey’s availability.

I can’t take credit for it, it’s a Noble thing.

Gosh, no wonder he jumps from team to team to team: his teammates can’t even spell his name correctly.

(Chris Noble was student on 71 - college mentor on 461 - mentor on 1018 - is a mentor on 829)

The only alternative spelling is Nobz. :slight_smile:


Come on, Baker! Haven’t you heard of the Nobel Prize? It’s a compliment! :smiley:

HOT Team will be sporting all new drive team and coach for the offseason.

Practice/tryout will begin soon.

We are hoping they have the same luck as last years new drivers and coach.

We’re using the same ones.

We’re still hungry.


I’m pretty sure we’ll be using our veteran drivers this year, if they can go. They’re both juniors, so, hey, more practice for them :D. If our junior strategist can come then I’ll almost certainly not be behind the glass. (Puts me in a bit of a dilemma, really… do I hope he can come or not? :wink: )

1646 will be using the same as during the year.

We will be using the same team as we had at BMR.
Don’t fix what ain’t broken.


Winnovation will be using the same drive team.