IRI Carwash?

Some other threads created this idea, and we are looking into it.

We are considering a large, anyone from any team who wants to volunteer for an hour or two, carwash fundraiser at the IRI.

We are thinking out in front of the building, along Hague Road (pretty busy).
We could do that car wash, and also invite people in to see what was going on.

Car wash is free, but donations would go to the IRI - selected charity along with the auction funds.

This would take effort by a few people from many teams to be a success.

What do participating teams think? Would a few students work a few hours at a car wash?

Due to the invite only status of this years iri and the quality of teams attending, talk around here is that every match will be to good to miss. Maybe another group that is helping the “selected charity” would be willing to come in and take this large project off your already full plate. However, knowing first members,all it would take is a large sign-up board, a couple announcements ,warm weather and the chance of a water game to get it going.

I would be willing to help and I am sure that others on my team would be willing to as well.

Which day would it be held?

It’s a good idea but with The Goats split between IRI and our main fund raiser at the Marion County Fair we would not be able to participate.

But you can wash my van.

The minds have met, and determined there will be no IRI car wash for 2008.

We have lots of other things for you to do. :slight_smile:

Darn, I figured the CR-V could stand to use a wash halfway through its 1,200-mile journey (with, courtesy of the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, a new license plate that no amount of scrubbing will fix).

Still, if this is getting dropped for other plans…well, color me interested. :wink: