IRI - Charity Auction Quilt

Once again, we will have a custom made team-shirt IRI quilt in the Charity Auction.

We need shirts, especially from teams who will be competing.

Please send a colorful team shirt, by June 5th, to:

Chris Fultz
363 Bennington Road
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Thanks in advance. The IRI Quilt is always a big attraction and brings in a large donation for the selected charities.

The GreengineerZ sent out a shirt today!

Sent ours out today too. Only it’s not scheduled to arrive until the 6th. I hope you can still find room for it!

Need to go mail some other stuff tomorrow and I have some extra shirts…

We’re not a super awesome team but I’m happy to put a shirt to good use if you’ll take it!

Royal Robotics was sent a few days ago.

A Spectrum shirt was sent today.

There is a 2122 shirt scheduled to arrive on the 5th. Really looking forward to seeing the quilt!

Thanks everyone. My mailbox has had 1 or 2 shirts in it the last few days - this is great.

Still some time for anyone that wants to send a shirt my way.

Chris, I’ll see if I can get a 1720 PhyXTGears shirt down to you soon.

Does anyone know what the quilt went for in past years? Interested, but on a budget.

195’s should be on the way.

5940 is enroute.

I was an inspector at SVR this year and got to see your team in action over the competition weekend. <lumbergh>So, yeah, I’m going to have to go ahead and disagree with you.</lumbergh>

You guys have a super awesome team. Few teams in their second year are as on the ball.

Thanks for the praise Scott. We really enjoyed working with you and Greg whenever we had issues and just in general.

Chris/those that were at IRI: any chance we can get a photo of the completed quilt?