IRI Charity Auction

YES, we will be holding the IRI Silent Auction!

Please bring cool team or FIRST related items to be auctioned!

For 2018, all proceeds will go to the Noblesville School Education Foundation, and then directly to help students at West Middle School who were impacted by a school shooting event in May. Student Ella Whistler and her teacher Jason Seaman were both seriously injured.

Here is some additional information on the Foundation - CLICK.

And here is a recent article from the Noblesville 4th of July parade -

Team 359 will bring macadamia nut chocolates, A Hawaii gift basket full of snacks, and Hawaii Surfboard clocks. We’ll try to make it nice so it can garner more bids!:slight_smile:
I’m not sure we can fit a surfboard or paddle board on the plane.

I mean, there was that one time you debated sending the robot home to Hawaii or just snowboards and rocking chairs, soooo… Those macadamia nuts are coming home with me! (I hope)

Either way, I can’t wait to see what the auction has in store for us this year!

33 will be donating one of our swerve modules to the silent auction this year! It has been all cleaned up and some of the gears and such replaced with fresh ones. Everything mechanically will be there, including the versa-planetary for steering and both motors for steering and drive (talons will not be included).

We will have the module in our pit all weekend if you would like to get a close look at the merchandise!

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I wonder if there is a way to bid remotely…

Phone in your bid, have your buddy pay, pay them back. It’s happened before.

I got you Matt

This auction needs to have online catalog for more bidders, more bids and more for the charity.

This. Totally, this…

+1 for visuals on auction items, I’d love me some sweet swerve sitting on my book case at work…

What Word Play All Day and FUN are donating

Do we have an all encompassing list? Is there a Google Doc or Sheet that teams could add their items to?

2791 will be donating one of our iconic ramps that allowed us to seed first at both our regionals.

Hey! I’m planning to attend IRI in 2019 and I would like to offer an item at the silent auction. Do I need to talk to the person in charge of the auction? I would love to help you contribute to a good cause.

No special notice is needed. Just bring it over to the auction table. There are usually papers there for you to fill out for the item.

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Ok thanks