IRI chat box

Since there is no chat box on the IRI website, this can be the “chat box” while matches aren’t going on, or when they are, whenever you want to post here.

Have fun, and good luck to all the teams in IRI!

Anybody else notice that the triangle tubes appeared pink in match 70?

The color was off on the cameras. The tape on the ground next to the red minibot pole was bright pink, as was the base of the pole.

Yeah I noticed that too. I think it’s due to the red tubes reflecting the white or ambient light.

I thought it was ironic since 233 (pink team) was playing that match. The camera guy playing with the hue just after the end of the match leads me to suspect that they were just having fun by changing the hue to make the tubes pink, but who knows.

It was pretty cool cause 233’s bumpers were pink too.

Match Q77,
Teams 111, 33, 359
3 Ubertubes on the top row
Full rack
All logos
1st and 2nd minibot

Perfect Score.


I MISSED IT??? Darn you, time change! Why must I be sleeping when the good matches are playing??!!

Looks like the Friday webcast was archived. So don’t feel too down.

I guess that’s true.

Yeah, we westerners usually get the short end of the stick… :ahh:

Am I seeing this right? #2 alliance eliminated by #7? :eek:

Yup. Two world champs on one alliance, out in the quarterfinals. Only at IRI.

Go 4th alliance! Long live the OP Killer Chickens!

Did they play 973 before they were taken out?

They took the field in match 2.

Thanks. Any idea where I could see the match?

Yup, match 1 via a redcard for contact in the zone. Match 3 by 111 accidentally descoring a blue tube on the top row.

It was great playing with all three teams, and although we would’ve given them a good show, I don’t think we could have beat the winners from the other side of the bracket.

Shoot - and there we were thinking that we were the ones who made all of the mistakes -enabling the number 2 alliance to have a chance to win :wink: . Suspect that we all can see ways to improve - I know we do.

It was a great event where we learned a bunch and had a really great time talking with 16, 973, 233, 359, 2056, 399, the mothers serving food to the teams, the queing crew, … the list would need to go on for much longer than anybody would care to read to give a fair representation. The midwest hospitality and warmth of IRI is hard to beat and we hope that our bot is good enough in the future to get another invite.

Thank you to all the folks who made it such a great event!