With all the talk about and his involvement with FIRST, I thought maybe we needed a break to look at another performance.

By special request, here is Team 341 performing at the IRI Talent Show.

Thank you to Andy Baker, the distinguished panel of Judges, and to Matt Fultz for making the talent show so much fun.

$5 says this is the next Video Caption Contest.

Amazing job.

$5 says these guys were just short of getting $100. :slight_smile:



Such a huge hit overseas and now Daisy is taking it to FRC by storm. I wasn’t sure that many people here in America really know the dance style. Surprisingly, I was proven wrong with this.

Haha great job guys

What song was that? It sounds so familiar but I can’t place it…

“Welcome to the Club” by DJ Manian. (It’s German.) Awesome song, and great job guys! Definitely one of the highlights of the talent show.

Ok, I have to admit at the actual talent show I was a little underwhelmed. (First I should explain that my mom has a master’s in dance, so I’ve been growing up watching her choreograph and teach dance my whole life.) I enjoyed it immensely, and I respected the endurance and coordination, but to me it seemed like they were just doing the same thing over and over.

However I’m glad someone pointed out that this is an actual style of dance. I had assumed it was just a hip hop number or something like that. After consulting the great YouTube, I apologize for ever thinking this was overrated. You guys are amazing, and I humbly apologize.

(I won’t say I wish you would have won, because Ian is a good friend of mine lol :yikes: )

Well I was sitting pretty close and I have to say that the video doesn’t really do it justice. This group was amazing in person. Obvious that a lot of practice went into the performance. I cheered, you guys were great!

I don’t know Ian, but his performance was amazing! It seemed like he was playing 6 guitars at once. WOW!!

I thought you guys (the judges) did an amazing job of making the talent show fun on what seemed to be short notice. Next time we’ll have to get you more paper. :wink:
Thanks for volunteering for this. The kids had a blast.

That’s exactly what I saw too. It was news to me when I was told there was usually someone doing a “solo” in the middle of the repetition. I guess I’m not very observant when it comes to dance.