IRI Dinner

Below are a few pictures from some of the supplies that the Cyber Blue (234) Parent Crew picked up last night for the annual team dinner at the IRI.

260 lbs of charcoal
4 gallons of ketchup, mustard, ranch dressing
bunch of chips and water

And folks…that isn’t all. I’ve got a good stock of supplies for the dinner too. Pickles and all sorts of stuff…completely filled up my parents car. IRI is only 6 days and 14 minutes away!!

mmmmmmmmmmmm…food. can’t wait.

So David is Koko (the cat) on the menu? :wink:

What did you think bratwurst were made of? :wink: :smiley:

:ahh: u cant eat my kitty!!! no she is not on the menu!!!

[Take a screenshot of this] I’m actually agreeing with my sister for once. :eek:

NOBODY will be eating MY koko.

wow, what is the world coming to when a brother and sister agree on something??? especially me and david?? :ahh:
and david, um shes MY cat… i got her for MY birthday :stuck_out_tongue:

thats disturbing!

They agreed!!!

woohoo love food

well you kno i have been hunting with my uncle and one time we got a deer so he showed me how to skin it, gut it, whats good and what not. now i kno a deer and cat are totally 2 different animals, but i’m sure skinning it and gutting it won’t be too hard. :wink:

john, you are not going to gut my dear Koko. that is totally disgusting

i’ll give you his head…i’m not that horrible you can like hang his head on your wall to remember how good he tasted at the dinner friday night :wink:

Don’t worry my garage is filled with cheese to bring down for the occasion, oh geez, if it doesn’t melt before next Thursday…hmm…:stuck_out_tongue: