IRI Discussion

No. It was only one time this weekend and we were too excited we forgot to check. I think when we hit the bridge something hardware wise went down cause we still had a green light on our driver station and we also had full connection and robot code from the FMS

An amusing (albeit admittedly useless) fact about the sixth seeded team pointed out to me by jmiller48167 if you add up all the teams individually on the alliance team number they all add up to 6 (3+3=6, 1+0+2+3=6, 5+1=6 and 3+3+0=6). Somehow I have a feeling Jim Zondag intended this to happen.

HA! I didn’t even notice this until it was pointed out to me by Gary! Not a huge fan of the 6’s, but I sure loved our alliance. :slight_smile:

Sadly, I was without internet access during the entirety of IRI and I wish I could see some of the matches… has anyone recorded the matches from the season and possibly uploaded them to YouTube or another site? I’m sure not only myself but many others here on ChiefDelphi would love to watch the matches!

Here you go! You’ll have to sift through a bit if you are looking for a specific match though.

[Protip] Make sure you are watching the 2012 IRI. My parents clicked on the 2011 archive when they were trying to watch it live… They thought they were watching the lunchtime fundraiser, as they had heard the announcer talking about it earlier. It took them about 5 Logomotion matches for them to clue in… [/Protip]

Thank you for honoring us with your invitation.

This being our first IRI, my goal was modest: Don’t embarrass yourself. I’m sure we did that on a team level (maybe not so much on a personal level…:stuck_out_tongue: ).

The level of play was truly astounding - more than Archimedes this year.

The venue was a nice setup, lots of room, plenty of seating, Lovely lovely air conditioning, and no far walks to get anywhere.

It was really great seeing so many friends and colleagues, many of whom I hadn’t met in person before. Probably the best part of the trip, except for the DSK show Friday. I sure hope someone got that epic on videotape somewhere.

The only less-than-ideal aspect of the whole weekend - aside from the 13-hour drive each way - was the food for sale. While very reasonably priced, the selection was limited (pizza or hot dog). I did survive, however.:rolleyes:

A huge thank you to everyone who had a hand in making this happen. I know what it takes to run an event of this magnitude, and to have it run so very, very problem-free was just a joy to witness.

And we never lost Comm the whole weekend…

Your wish has been granted.

Saying hi to old friends and meeting new ones is usually one of my favorite parts of IRI every year. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do much of that the last few years (thanks to the latter part of your comment). I was hoping to meet you this year and I actually saw you walking by at one point. Going through my head at that time was, “hey there’s Don. Introduce yourself and say hi. Crap, you only have 25 minutes to get to your hotel, eat lunch, and get back in time for the afternoon DSK rehersal. I’ll see him later or tomorrow - yeah, that the ticket.”

Oh well, it was a very busy weekend. There’s always next year. I’m glad you enjoyed the show, at least.

Here is our field-side video from quarterfinal 4, match 1. Taken from our hockey stick camera. It’s 125-centric, but you can see both of red’s shots go in and both teams balancing.

The video doesn’t show how loud that place got after that second shot went in. Amazing match. One of the greatest matches that I have every seen in my four years of FRC.

Haha I was laughing at that. :yikes: that WAS pretty amazing!
BTW, here’s the video of it:

Would you happen to have your hockey stick footage of qualification match 65?
3322 - 1023 - 125


Does anyone know where I can get video footage from IRI? I know they were videotaping the matches, but I don’t know if that was just for live stream only.
I’d like to show it to rookie team members, as well as get my hands on some good footage of our robot – we’ve got an interview coming up, and they want to see some match film!
Thanks for your help!

The Boilemaker matches for you guys are here

Queen City here

Here’s the archived footage. It’s hosted at - the same site that did Boilermaker and will webcast and archive the CAGE Match.