IRI dodgeball Voting

Please vote for your favorite match to see at the “Technokat Duck! and Dodge! Challenge” at IRI on July 22nd between alliance selection and eliminations. (Time is pending)

note there will be a box to enter to become a “drawn name”, you can enter as many times as you want, as long as the name is hand written. This means no photo copies. Theres quite a good chance that if you enter that you will win! So, enter!

Top 11 picks will be asked to be ready to play at IRI. If we play all 11 in the given time period, it will become free for all, in orderly fashion, of course ;).

Is there going to be a poll? Otherwise I put my vote in for NERD versus everyone.

I know the poll is already up, but i think it would be interesting to see IndianaFIRST vs Nerds. In would cause mass riots and one group would walk away crying :stuck_out_tongue: .

i nearly fell of my chair laughing when i read the kim vs. corey thing. hahahaha. still laughing…hmm we know who can win at tennis so i dunno about dodgeball :wink:

Where’s the Amanda vs. Dave selection??

And the Big Ten Robotics one? :ahh: Lol

did anyone else notice that koko ed voted for every option…ed I thought you wern’t even going to be at IRI this year.

So he is still allowed to vote ;). I agree with Ed to, I would like to see everyone on the list played, lots of great match ups. Paul and Big Mike gets my vote if I had to pick only one.


But I can help out all the same (or is that just starting trouble).

To clarify a few things.

The drawn name matches will be matches where names are drawn from a box that anyone at the competition can enter in, no matter how old, young or crazy. (Crazy is preferred in the game of dodgeball :eek:)

Your name can only be drawn one time for a “drawn name” match.

Official rules for the game will be posted once the matches are finalized.

note I plan on getting the matches finalized by the beginning of July /note

With a Krispy Kreme rematch as well.

There has been a late add on to the match list…but this one may become a big suprise because I know everyone wants to see this match! Start thinking of what it coulkd be?

Krispy Kreme vs. Dunkin’ Donuts?

Well…to give a big hint…its two companies…possibly still remember folks, they have to agree to be in it FIRST…

AndyMark vs. IFI?

I bet Andy Baker would totally own JVN in a 1v1 dodgeball fight.

I WANT TO SEE THAT!!! I will pay you 5 bucks kyle if you make a match between Andy and John.

instead of balls they should throw their products at each other.

An AndyMark omniwheel would hurt if you chucked it, even the 6" one. What would happen with an AM Shifter, or their dongle with the cord as a bolo?

That alone would make me put the brakes on it.

(Still, I’m required by law to ask: Would RackSolutions product be considered fair game?)

GM vs Delphi?

I suggested that already (way) earlier in the thread. I haven’t heard anything about it, but no one ever tells me anything, so who knows.

45, 47, 48, 292, 703, 868 vs. 67, 68, 1114, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc…

Baker, me, and Martus vs. Karthik and…I don’t care who else because I get to throw things at Karthik.

I could see a lot of fun coming out of such a matchup. Does Brandon Martus count as Delphi? Will Dr. Joe and Mike Aubry be there? :slight_smile:

Even though 65 isn’t competing, will Ken Patton be coming? I’d enjoy squaring off against Mr. Ballerina.

Now Delphi vs. Delphi Customers, that would be better, as GM, Ford, Daimler-Chrysler, Motorola (yes, Motorola) etc. could all get in on the fun. But that would just be silly.

I have a feeling this “corporate” matchup will be something else entirely.