IRI Dodgeball

The first ever dodgeball tournament will be taking place at IRI this year. As many of us know, almost everyone likes dodgeball. The only thing is there is one hour for the dodgeball to take place, this means not everyone will play. So, on this website, we will take a popular vote of matches that you, the people, want to see. The last match will be the FIRST “All-Star’s vs Look-a-Likes” match. Besides that, I would like to have 9-10 matches ready to go. So, who do u want to see play dodgeball? The games can consist of 6vs6 5vs5 4vs4 3vs3 2vs2 1vs1. Leave your “dream dodgeball match” here and in a month or so they will be put up for the vote.

“high school kids” vs. “college kids” could be a fun one. I’m not sure how’d you’d select who gets to play though.

Segway dodgeball?


East Coast v West Coast

Corey Balint v Rest of FIRST :wink:

Maybe Championship Semi/Finalists can duke it out in dodgeball :cool:

better yet, Corey vs Kim

Corey vs. Everyone sounds like a much better deal.

I concur.

lets’s go :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

NERDS v. Everyone
DSTKB v. Anyone

I’ve got it! The singles match to end all singles matches:

Andy Baker vs. Ozzy Kamen.

Or, if Mr. Kamen has been thrown out of the building at that point, how’s about an AndyMark vs. IFI match?

Mark Koors playing dodgeball would be absolutely priceless!!!

Big Mike Vs Brandon Martus

Definately for NERDS vs. MAVERICKS
Beatty vs. Stang
Martians vs. More Martians
Laverys vs. Donuts
Mentors vs. Students
College Mentors vs. Old Guys
College Mentors vs. Students

Battle of the WFAs

CAD Users VRS Inventor Users
Winner VRS SolidWorks Users
3dsm Junkies VRS Winner
(if more than 1 roll a 20 sided dice in reactor to decide)

im in


Me Vs. Raul

45A vs 269
Andy vs Mark
JVN vs Amanda Morrison
461 vs 1747
WFA winners vs UFH winners

:frowning: Can I play via the internet? I promise I won’t be the first one out this time!

Little did you know, Kyle, that I reserve the right to veto 2 of the matches I am nominated for. Andy vs. Mark is one of those matches. Not gonna happen.


Nerds Vs Maveriks i am apollogizing for spelling now
Any big team rivilries in past years…
Drive Team of 25 vs any finalist team…
Kim vs Corey sorry korei… i had to say it… it would be ammusing to say the least =D
DSTKB vs Talent Show winners/runner ups

thats all for now… *is not trying to make plans to get to IRI…

Arefin vs. Tytus…they already fight like an old married couple anyway :ahh: