IRI Entertainment - Friday Night

IRI entertainment on Friday Night will be a “little different”.

We have planned -

  • Dinner

  • Music with Dean Simmons and the Kamens
    (featuring some IRI attendees helping out)

  • **Mentalist Sean Bott **

This is all included with your team entry.

Appropriate name. :yikes:

As long as it’s not just L’il Lavery dressed up in a turban …

Being a Lavery, it wouldn’t be mentalism as much as abstract talk of bananas and clowns…

What approximate time will the Friday entertainment be over?

I need to finish our itinerary for travel to and from the hotel.

This may be a trite question, but is it included for volunteers as well, or just teams?

What about folks traveling over to watch?

not sure of the ending time, we are working on the detailed schedule now.

This is open to all who are there, until the seats run out :slight_smile: .

Our only request is that if we start to fill the auditorium that we make sure the students get in and have seats.

Hey, I just got a collect call from the Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers band. They are seeking more talent from the attending teams. (lord knows they need more talent!)

So, if you or anyone on your team is a dancer, singer, rapper or would like to play the cowbell (or catbell!?), please send me a PM within the next week and I may be able to get you in touch with the band.

Andy B.

<swoon> A chance to be in the band rather than just a fan? Where do the dancers come in?

The band isn’t giving me any details. For anyone interested, they just need to send me a PM and we can figure it out from there.


What should I wear instead of a turban?

A Yankee hat.

Does that mean Dean isn’t going to sing?

Hmm, that implies there is some talent in there to begin with. Not sure I buy into that premise…

Yay! :smiley:

And with that, I hereby start the movement known as Draft Don for DSK.

Because everything’s better with 3D.



The original Fishboy has grown a little older, wiser, and taller in the years since his first IRI appearance circa 2007. And the Channel Cats (FRC 1094) are not in this year’s IRI field.

Nevertheless, I would like to see FISHBOY also. :smiley:

Like this one?

Disregard if you’re a Pittsburgh fan instead of Cleveland.

No, that one will be traveling with its owner to hell.