IRI - Final Team Listing

I attempted to go through and find notable matches, but it appears that almost all the matches are awesome. Jeez.

  • Sunny G.

Is the webcast camera out of focus, or is it just a potato?

Cast quality sucks.

Looks okay to me…

Looks like the webcast isn’t even working on my end. Clicking play only replays the advertisement.

  • Sunny G.

I followed the webcast link but I keep getting ads, is there a trick to actually seeing the webcast? Do I need to register or something?

just let the ads run their course

This, however, is followed by black screen. :mad:

  • Sunny G.

Try theredalliance?

I wouldnt work on Chrome for me switched to FireFox and it is working fine.

Works on my iPhone, but ads run and then lead to a black screen on both iHigh and theredalliance

Ah, I’m stuck here on IE. Perhaps that’s it.

Additionally, the following matches appear to have promise.


  • Sunny G.

works at TheRedAlliance and on iHigh for me. But the quality is not that great, everything is saturdated with a shade of red, so the basketballs look like Breast Cancer Awareness basketballs… not that it’s a bad thing, but I don’t think that’s supposed to be the real color of the basketballs… :wink:

Someone who’s there, are the balls actually pink? The colors on the cast look a little messed up, but not enough to turn orange balls pink.

Also, Match 39 features 3 Einstein teams on the same alliance.

The ball color is the same as always.

Is there a web page somewhere that is being updated with the match results?

It’s not being updated live, but results from the first day of competition are here:

It’s not the camera. The balls are being shot so much and so fast, they’re jumping out of their orange skin. :wink: