IRI Finals Question

My internet connection had some issues during the finals so I have a few questions as to what happened. I know that 2056 won, but I’m not sure how the scoring went.

1-Finals 1: What happened in auto? Did 1114 get a penalty for their blocking, or was this a clean match?

2-Finals 2: It appeared that 1114 and 2056 were disabled after dragging each other around. Was this done by the teams e-stopping themselves, or by a ref? If by a ref, what was the rule for disabling them?

3-Finals 2: Was there a foul for entangling? If so, did 1114 get it?

All I know is that it was 230-230 at the end of the match and Blue received 50 points from a tech foul, but I didn’t hear an explanation for the foul.

My stream cut to commercials at the wrong time, so I too am wondering what happened. Last thing I saw was (I think) 1114 and 2056 getting highlighted red on the scoring overlay (while they were tangled up).

Yeah right before it cut away at the end 1114 and 2056 seemed to have red cards.
It looked like, as they were untangling, that 1114 had caught 2056’s string with their appendages and so maybe that’s why alliance #1 got the foul points.

I just texted my friend who was there for finals 2-

Here’s what he said.

Finals 1- 1114 high speed ramming (probably)
Finals 2- 1114 got tangled in 2056. Referee disabled the robots for an unknown reason, 1114 got a penalty for it, but it wasn’t clear whose fault it was.

So why was 2056 disabled?

1114 just can’t get a break with these penalties huh?

Probably so that no further damage would potentially be caused by the entanglement

Hopefully Karthik or someone else from teams 254, 1114, or 2056 who was at the question box after Finals match 2 can give us a solid explanation as to what happened.

I’m curious about this - throughout the entire competition there have been more collisions that have been higher speed and resulted in more damage but weren’t called. why would this be called out of everything?

I don’t see a rule that says you can disable a robot if you feel like it.

There are 6 ways a robot can get disabled.

  1. “ROBOTS whose operation or design is unsafe are not permitted.
    Violation: FOUL & DISABLED. If the issue is due to design: Re-Inspection.”

Not this. It wasn’t unsafe, and if it was a G3, there would have been fouls on both sides.

  1. G4. Placing robots on field. It’s not this either.

  2. G6. Delayed start of match. I don’t think so.

  3. G10. Deals only with field elements.

  4. G20. Bumper rules. Bumpers were totally fine and in the bumper zone (measured with respect to normal robot orientation).

  5. G21. Extend outside field. 2056 did this plenty (with no fouls), but never contacted anything, so no disable. Not this.

What’s frustrating to me is that my buddy said they never explained who got the first foul and they never explained the second foul at all.

Watching it on the webstream Finals 2 looked like a pinning penalty on red but I can’t be sure.

Finals 1- The only fouls seen in the match recording are 2056’s repeated extensions outside the safety zone. There could have been some on the other side of the field missed by the webcast.

The announcer says “As you saw, the last second truss shot would have won it by ten points; however, at the very start of the match there was a red technical foul that also resulted in a red yellow card, one of the red robots drove onto a blue robot with the intent to inhibit that robot’s actions. That’s a yellow card…”

The explanation for finals match 1 was “At the beginning of the match, one of the red robots drove onto a blue robot with the intent to inhibit that robot’s actions”, not quite high speed ramming. From watching the video here:, I can’t see anything like that, so it must have been off camera.

Edit: magnets beat me to it but I’ll keep my post here for the video link.

2056’s drive team could have just stopped moving to avoid further damage. Their robot wasn’t necessarily disabled; it just wasn’t moving.

I was sitting in the audience and saw the ref call the pinning foul.

As for finals 1, 330 ran on top of 469 in front of the low goal, preventing them from shooting.

My buddy, who was there, is pretty sure they were actually disabled. He said their numbers turned red on the screen, which happened last time a robot was disabled. He also said that 2056’s drivers seemed to try to drive their robot, and it wasn’t moving.

He could be wrong though.

The reason we believe they were disabled was because both 1114’s and 2056’s numbers on the scoring screen were in red, which is what happens when they have been disabled (as we saw with team 51 in quarterfinals).

You don’t get a yellow card for pinning though. The alliance got a yellow card. There MUST have been a G27 (ramming).

The yellow card was in finals one. The pinning was in finals two.

Lots of inaccurate information in this thread.

In the first match 330 was assessed a technical for driving on top of 469’s drive base as they were up against the low goal. From our perspective this was completely accidental. As soon as 330 realized they couldn’t back off from the pin, 1114 came over and pushed them free.

The second match 2056’s strings flopped around and got entangled on 1114’s claw (which was entirely inside the frame perimeter). There were no penalties called and the robots were disabled.

The penalty in the second match was because 469 and 330 got their wings/arms entangled. 330 was called for pinning since they couldn’t get away.

It was a hard fought set of matches between two evenly matched alliances. We would have liked to see a clean outcome but it didn’t work out that way.