IRI Hotel Arrangements - '07

Thought I would start one for this year’s IRI. So where is everyone staying?

Team 269 will be staying Friday and Saturday night at Candlewood Suites.

The majority of Chimera - Team 832 will be at the Candlewood as well. Checking in Thursday, out on Sunday (got a long drive to Georgia).

See ya there!

Teams 254 and 968 and some members of Team 4 will be at the Hampton Inn-Castleton.

148 and 1114 are staying there as well. Anyone else?

Me and Greg are staying in the Super 8 with 1902 (we get one of thier extra rooms).

the 229’ers making the trip down will also be staying at the Super 8. Just hte thought of Division by Zero makes Greg’s head go “oink oink boom!”

Team 47 will be at the super 8 as well.:slight_smile:

Us random people showing up are staying in the super 8.

(Myself, Libby K, Sara (Bandchick), Julia M, Morgan, Big Mike)

For anyone staying at the super 8 we decided to have a little pool side get together.

Event info:

Add me to the Super 8 list the rest of 177 is staying elsewhere (I forgot where).

The Chickens are at the Amerisuites Indianapolis Keystone, and I’m pretty sure 469 and some members of 226 are as well.

Cynette and I are at Candlewood Suites.

most of the pink team is also staying at the super 8, some of the kids are staying with families of team 234

Team 1251 will be staying at the Econo Lodge.

Team 1528 will be staying at the super 8. Pool Party:D

48 will also be at the Super 8. Looks like a happenin’ place this year. :slight_smile:

Dad and I are at some Hilton chain hotel… Hampton Inn, I think. It’s not the closest place but it is the only place that mom could use her HHonors points.

I wish I could access my Gmail from work and then I would know for sure.

EDIT: We’re staying at Hampton Inn - Indianapolis. Apparently it’s not too close to Lawrence North.

Team 980 is staying at Hampton Inn.

Team 1577 is at the super 8 too…