IRI Hotels ... where are you staying?

I’ll be at the Extended Stay Castleton with Sara Reffler (<plug>we’re still looking for one or two people to room with!!</plug>) for IRI.

Where will you be?

At the Extended Stay also with Big Mike, DJ and Cory. :smiley:

Super 8 with my dad Thurs/Fri, and then Omni on Saturday Night.

Omni on thursday, friday, and saturday nights. Sharing a room with karthik karbongkagnkaplasgathy, karthik’s human player, and jeremy roberts.

Ka-na-ga-sa-ba-pa-thy See? It’s not hard, you butcher. :stuck_out_tongue:

48’s at the Candlewood Thursday and Friday nights. Driving home to Warren in our five-vehicle Delphi caravan (Tahoe/trailer, two Dodge Caravans, a Blazer, and a freakin’ Crown Victoria) right after the competition is over on Saturday.

Some members of Cyber Blue will be at the Omni Friday night.

At my brother and sister-in-law’s house in Carmel… with my wife and three daughters, and their 4 kids. 7 kids who are all 7 and under… and the 6 oldest are girls. It’s a good thing that I will be at Lawrence North, that is for sure.

Kokomo is a little over 1 hour away from LNHS, and the commute is rough for this country boy. You city folk like to drive 2 hours to work each day, but it’s tough for me.

Andy B.

Me and the Oconomowoc crew will be at the Omni on Thurs and Friday night.


Are you SURE you want to do Survivor? Wimping out on a little driving like that? I regularly spend two hours commuting and I only live 6 miles from work. Of course, that’s when I ride my bicycle and go the long way, just so I can climb some hills.

You think I’m kidding don’t you!


Will there be any practice?


I’m at the Omni Thursday and Friday nights.

Team 93 will be at the Candlewood Suites Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. As usual we will be sticking around after the competiton is over to offer our take-down and clean-up skills! You should see this team wield a vacuum cleaner and broom!!

See you all in a little over a week!


I’m at the Omni Thursday and Friday. If anyone wants to share the room, let me know.


Four college students in a room at the Omni… woo.
Should be interesting.

Yay Omni!

Hopefully it will be even more fun than last year.


Speaking of hotels, if anyone neeeds a room or 3, I have 3 room reservations for the Omni that I don’t need. They are for Thursday and Friday night, checking out on Saturday. If no one needs them i’ll just cancel…Let me know through PM.

I’m sleeping at my mom-in-law’s house in Carmel, but I plan to be holding a Klingon language open house somewhere at the Omni late Friday night and again Saturday evening.

Clark, Molly, and I will be staying at the Hampton Inn Northeast Castleton on thursday and friday night. Will be getting to the hotel late late late thursday night since the Jimmy Buffet concert doesn’t start until 8pm. :):smiley:

Team 930 will also be at the Hampton Inn Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday night.

Team RUSH will be in the Holiday Inn Express on Friday night.