IRI Info/Rule Changes

Dang - We just dialed the 1213 PID in to 11.9 ± 0.3 MPS :-/

Otherwise, great changes. The incursion DQ should have been dropped after automatic scoring considerations became moot.

As for (b): I’d like to see elimination matches where the seeded teams weren’t able to select each other. I think good scouting would come into play and the outcome would be less predictable.

Also, in the “other rule modifications” area, mere contact outside the bumper zone should not be penalized (as was threatened at the Champs). The penalty should be reserved for HITTING with force, otherwise it takes away some pretty neat, yet benign, ball catching contraptions.


Thanks for posting this Jack, somehow I didn’t get it!

Interesting rule change with the velocity… I wonder how many teams will be able to realistically change that, how many made it so that the speed can be upped. I’m guessing that the speed was engineered into a lot of machines, it will be interesting to see who can step it up!

As to the serpentine, I was half expecting that… I don’t think that was most peoples’ favorite rule change this year. I am anxious to see what the new fashion will be!

Are Andy and the refs watching the World Cup and buffing up on their Yellow and Red Card Skills?

In other words, is the famous card sytem returning for another year?

I’ll make sure the cards get packed…if we can find them…if we can’t I will make Andy some new ones.

I have one of them from last year, Andy signed it and gave it to me after DQ’ing 269 twice, losing 2 matches for us :stuck_out_tongue:

Conflicts aside, I really do love this system, it is a great addition to FIRST gameplay.

There are still some details to be determined.
“We are also working on other rule modifications, and will send out
detailed information once these are finalized”

But, regardless, we’ll make sure to watch 269 verrrrrry closely. :slight_smile:

Is it soup yet?

will there be a speed limit for IRI dodgeball? aka how hard can i trow the ball at arefin’s chest?

I think this should be a new rule - As long as the ball is being thrown at Arefin, no speed limit is required :slight_smile:

One thing to remember…more velocity does not always equal more gooder! How many times have you seen a hard flying ball bounce right off the chains and out. Keep that in mind!

We leave in two days, I can’t wait for my first IRI experience!

Not even a minimum speed? :slight_smile:

who thinks 20 fps? is that a reasonable speed? or still too slow?

Too fast…be careful of the chains…you will have to be at the other end of the field to make it in…or…maybe it will just cram the chains out of the way.

im talkin that arefin dodgeball rule. anyways we have a corner bot so we dont need to worry bout shootin speeds

Read the whole thread, Kyle :wink: He was referring to throws at Arefin only :yikes:

The IRI rule mods should hopefully be posted by tonight. Yellow and Red cards will be back, but you’ll just have to wait for the rest. There aren’t a ton of changes, but I think they are good.

will the facility be air conditioned and dehumidified robots are built during what is winter for most people and humidity makes the balls sticky and more likely to jam


Lawrence North has air conditioning. If it didn’t, more than just balls would be sticky.


2006 IRI Rules Changes and Clarifications

Check it out, as here is the document listing the rules tweaks and clarifications for the 2006 IRI. If you are on an attending team, print this out and share it with your drive team. We will also have copies at the event.

Summary of changes and clarifications:

  1. No ball speed limit.
  2. Less severe penalties for 1 point goal incursion (but we can still DQ if needed)
  3. Yellow card and Red card usage (same as 04 and 05 IRI)
  4. Clarification on “high speed long distance ramming” (in rule G22): a robot’s full top speed (8+ fps) from over 2 robot lenghts away
  5. Clarification of intentional tipping, as stated in rule G22.
  6. 2nd round alliance selection: 1-8, 1-8 (not the serpentine draft)

Andy B.

Is there a published schedule and a link to the web cast yet?