IRI Info

I was just wondering if anyone form the technokats had information on if, when, and where, they will be holding the Indiana Robotics Invitational this year. thanks for the info.

Jason Team66

As of now there are no “offical” plans for IRI yet…and it definetly wont be in May (since Nationals were so late this year)… Early in the season and late last year i know they were talking about possibly doing it sometime in the summer around July and August. This would be so we can "possibly hold it at the State Fair in Indiapolis.


Look for the IRI to be held in early August (either 9/2-3 or 9/9-10). There are no definite details yet. It looks like it may be held in Indianapolis this year. Also… it’s not going to be put on by just the TechnoKats. There will be a few Indiana teams working together to organize this, led by teams 234 and 45.

Stay tuned!

Andy B.

How’s the atmosphere at these off-season competitions? I’d imagine it would be more laid back than a regional, but do the teams still get into it with the cheering and excitement and the jumping-up-and-down?

I ask because I’m still trying to get my high school (Terre Haute South) involved , and it might be easier to get the most probable mentor out to Indianapolis than to Chicago, Cleveland, Saint Louis, or wherever the nearest regional is. The trouble is, I don’t want him to get a false idea of what it’s like from attending the off-season competition instead of the “real thing”.

What do you all think?

The way it looks now is that it’s going to be held in Indy in early august. woo! just in time for the Brickyard 400. we are looking at several locations to host the tourney in the city. this year it may last over more than one day to allow teams to play more matches. looks like i have a LOT of work cut out for me this summer.:cool:

This is also one of the best times to visit Indy. We have lots going on, but it can get a little toasty.

Glad to hear IRI is still happening. I was disappointed when a team member told me they heard it wasn’t going to happen, but I’m very excited now that all of you managed to pull it together. My team went 2 years ago, but we didn’t have enough money last year. Hopefully we’ll be able to this year. Also, I would prefer August 9-10 over the previous week (not a good one for our team) but if that wouldn’t work, I’d understand. Hope to see you in August!

:slight_smile: Unofficial events are almost as exciting as the regionals. A little smaller, so you can get to know other teams better. Just as much excitement and cheering and … especially for the host area because you have a lot more local people in the crowd.

Send them to an out of season event this spring / fall so you can get something going with a team for 2003!

IRI 2001 was the only post season comp I’ve attended so my sample size is limited. Based solely on that competition, post season comps are as fun as regionals. There is less stress (at least for me because we didn’t scout at all) and the competition is still good. IRI last year was as good as or better than almost any regional. All the teams that showed up were there to win, and the elims were a blast.

I think the post season comps are also more laid back. Most teams don’t bring as many students and the students like to wander off talk to their friends instead of cheering during the matches.