IRI Live with RSN this Weekend!

**Everyone at RSN is extremely excited to announce that we will be LIVE at IRI this coming weekend in Indianapolis to provide coverage of what can only be described as the most competitive event in all of FIRST!

Join us on Saturday at 12:00 PM ET for live coverage of IRI from alliance selection through the finals. The RSN coverage crew for this weekend is:

From the Dominion of Canada - Nick Lawrence: Nick is back on the desk again this year after a great show on IRI Live last year and an excellent job at both championships with FIRSTChampLIVE. Be sure to catch Nick on air before his inevitable collapse after the end of FIRST Global next week!

**The New England Crew - Ruth Toomey, Ty Tremblay and Francis O’Rourke: **Wagons west! They’ll be making the trip to Indianapolis for Ruth and Ty’s first ever IRI, and Francis’s first in a decade. Fun fact: in the two years Francis went to IRI, 71 broke the goal in 2006 and robots scored six keepers in auto in 2007. Just sayin’, don’t miss it.

and Friend of the Show - Alex Herreid: Alex is a FIRST alum from the PNW, and is a software engineer at FIRST Headquarters. In addition to his normal duties working on game design and event support, Alex is also one of the folks behind the FIRST webcast units that made their way around the country this year, as well as leading up the webcast for this years Founder’s Reception and Kickoff. Frank graciously let him out to play with us for the weekend, and we’re very happy to have him along!

We’ll be doing some new things with the broadcast, so be sure to tune in starting at 12:00 PM ET on Saturday 7/15! You can find the webcast at TBA GameDay or directly on FIRST’s Twitch page at .

We’ll be shooting some footage in the pits on Friday, so let us know here which teams and robots you want to see and learn more about!