IRI Match Predictor

So, my sister and I have been so working on an event predictor for about three months. We got it working and decided to try it out for IRI
Disclaimer- All of the numbers that are put for each team are based on averages of matches of good matches (ie if you died in a match we didn’t count that). These predictions are solely based on a specific match schedule (so if you team isn’t ranked first maybe you have a bad schedule, we love all the teams going to IRI and don’t mean any harm)

We used the match maker software from FIRST and it randomizes the matches for each team. We are also trying to get access to everyone to be able to also make sims for IRI. If you want to edit the sheet make a copy of it.
I hope you like the predictor and it was a great time making it. And boy it was rough adding some of the double climbing in.
If you want to more about it email- my sister Courtney


These things are always fun. Quick questions:

  1. Why did you choose this schedule as opposed to any other? I think in the past people have simulated hundreds of random schedules and reported the average rankings
  2. are you sure you have every team, because…

This was our first randomized schedule we did so that was that. And I’ll check again because we just copied it off of the list that was posted on CD. Any team specifically that we missed?

Any way you could run with a couple different schedules to get average ranks? I’d love to compare against my simulator. We could even do a ranking projection contest like at CC last year if a few others were interested.

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I’d like to point out that we cannot score high on the rocket and that the location for 2910 should be Washington not Wisconsin.


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