IRI Match Video

Hello, FRC community!

Does anyone know of any link or YouTube playlist of the IRI matches? TBA still doesn’t have them up, and I’m curious to see them as I missed elimination day.


You can watch the archived live stream:

Anybody want to to split the live stream and suggest it to TBA? Ty’s awesome splitting program should work, since the event was publishing live data.

I split the Saturday video and I’m currently uploading them to our I’ll probably have to upload QF4-3 manually because of the tie in QF4-2. After this finishes I’ll do Friday.

Just found this again. A little late but TA DA!

output_zvepwa (1).gif

output_zvepwa (1).gif

Everything is finally done and I’ve submitted it to The Blue Alliance. Next year make sure Ryan Hall goes to IRI and this will be done in a much more timely manner :wink:

IRI 2016 Playlist:

Deal, as long as you cover my transportation and lodging :wink:

Wooho! The videos should appear on TBA within ~24 hours (caching). Thanks so much for doing this!

I see all of 2338’s matches up now. Thanks for doing this!!!