IRI - Mentor Dinner (Thursday Night)

The IRI Mentor dinner is set up and you can sign up here -

It is at Bella Vita. We will have a private area. The event booking covers the food (salad, bread and choice of entree) and there will be a cash bar. If the total bill is less than the total collected (depends on total number of people), then the excess $$ will go to the IRI Charity Fund.

Here is a link to the Bella Vita. It is about 10 - 15 minutes from the high school and is on Geist Reservior

Nice place, sound like fun.

But I bet all those boats in the picks are not floating right now.

Chris, my team isn’t competing at IRI, but I’ll be there as a spectator…

If my schedule will allow, could I register and pay to attend this dinner? THANKS!

yes, it is open to all mentors.

Hi Chris,

Can we pay down there?
I don’t remember how many mentors I signed up. I think it should be 5.


Looks like a great place. Dottie and I are chaperoning this trip and won’t arrive until Friday morning. Please have one for us.

Unless you can find someone to register and pay for you through the website, you have to do it to reserve a place.

The only way to be included is through the registration link.

Note - you must be over 18 and a mentor to attend.

Perhaps I missed it but, when is the deadline to sign up? Thanks.

The deadline to sign up is 5pm today.

Alright, I know I blew ship day on this one…but my plans just (as in within the past 45 minutes) changed to get me into Indy in time. Is there any way to squeeze in one more?