I was emailed this link to an ABC news report about IRI from a friend of my mom’s.

Enjoy! After the commercial that is… :rolleyes:

OMG WE’RE ON ABC NEWS!!! Thanks so much Pat, this is awesome!

wow that has to be the worst report I have ever seen. I mean I know it is only a 30 second clip but come on. They didn’t mention FIRST at all. “robots playing basketball”…last time I checked basketball didn’t have auto modes and lower goals :rolleyes:

True… but even without the specifics, it is pretty cool to see an off-season FIRST event make news on a national level.

Andy B.

Here is another link from this years IRI from another news station (in KS). I wonder if Indy’s WishTV sold the video I saw them taking to these stations.

Looks like some one has not been keeping up to date with basketball rule changes, in order to boost our chances in the next world cup the NBA has added side goals as an alternate scoring option, this should introduce basic soccer skill to a new group of athletes

In all honesty, thwe report was horrible, however if a couple of people saw it and googled Robotics competition in Indiana and found out about FIRST then the report was beneficial. Any publicity is good publicity.

That was the quater finals matches between 1504,494,40 and 71,1625,910. Just to give you guys some background :stuck_out_tongue: .

Reminds me of when IRI was on CNN Headline News, only ever slightly more informative than a sentance! :stuck_out_tongue:

Any publicity is good publicity.

The fact that an off-season competition makes it on to the national news scene is great. The piece, although short and lacking in details, raises interest and awareness of what we are doing. And that is always a good thing.

But I did really like the opening line “…a robotics competition took place in the Hoosier STATE of INDIANAPOLIS…” I didn’t know Indianapolis was that big. :slight_smile:


Every time I hear it called basketball I just shudder, it isn’t basketball! Not even close. I heard next year we will have a pep rally where we shoot balls into the center goal as the basketball team shoots balls into a basketball net in front of the whole school.
Sigh, it will be a shame for the robotics team to show up one of our (mad 1337) sports teams. Then again it will answer the first question everyone in our school has about robotics, “We have a robotics team!?”

As for IRI on ABC that is awesome, not very long but it is still awesome.

The only thing that bugged me about it were the "just"s. The fallacy with this statement is the fact that the maximum height of robots is 5 feet, not 6, nor 7. Nor do they have long arms. FIRST is a lot more than "just"s. And we’re not “just” some “high schoolers,” we’re an entire community. I realize that the clip was only 30 seconds, and that they fit in the information in order to summarize the game, but a mention of “a group of mentors and students,” as well as the term “FIRST” would have made it so much better.

On the other hand, it shows exactly how much impact IRI has on not only us, but on the media. This, at the very least, shows the importance of science and technology, for to even get ANY time is impressive.

So, a big thank you to those who manage IRI. You did more than you were ever asked for :).


PS. My 100th post :slight_smile:

Did anyone happen to catch and tape the full coverage that was shown on TV? Someone at work said they saw it on tv and it was longer than the 30sec… (they saw me on tv, and I wasn’t in the one shown on internet. It looked like they definitely shortened it online).
If anyone taped it, let us know. Would be nice to have for IRI archives.

We caught it in the hotel after leaving on saturday and it was about a 3 minute segment not the 30 second one mentioned here. No tape or TIVO though.