IRI photos (330 359 399 469)

I’ve posted my photos from IRI 2010 at:

I considered myself “off duty” for this event, so I mostly covered my team (469) and our alliance partners (330, 359 & 399).
There are a scattered few others in there (830, 461’s segway knock-off, 2337 & 71’s double hang (sorry I wasn’t in better position for it), and of course what would a robotics competition be without Dan and Rob coming to blows).

Awesome pictures! Especially of 469 going over the bump

Great pictures as always :slight_smile: Glad to see you guys finally made it over the bump.

And the reason 469 finally crossed zones glares from a tiny little corner under the Guerillas… :stuck_out_tongue:

I also remember the score being 0-7 in favor of Las Guerillas…

More photos can be found here:

Our IRI Photo Gallery is posted as well:

Our photos from IRI are posted:

im just gonna say… it was really hard even trying to play defense on your alliance… not to stat the obvious or anything :smiley: great job on the win guys!

Thanks for taking all of these photos.
I realize that you were working your butt off, trying to get all kinds of shots.

I used you as an example to our team to improve their picture taking skills this coming season. We seem to only get about 5 good pictures for every 100 they take. “sigh”

Team 1640’s photos from IRI are also posted: