IRI Pick'em League Live Results (Giveaway)

The IRI pick’em is still open until 3pm Eastern today. The winner will receive a Cooler Master Devastator 3 Keyboard

Vote here:

FUN is excited to announce the creation of a live rankings site for the IRI Pick’em and live draft Created by the amazing Jaci, this site will provide live* rankings and results for everyone who has created their own IRI Alliance.

We are hoping to be able to scale this for multiple events in the future and would be delighted to have feedback on how to optimize after the event.

Good luck to everyone and thanks for playing!

*May be up to 30 minutes delayed since we are using Google Sheets

So does the currency change by region, or is everyone paying in Israeli Shekels (₪)? If I know a guy who can give me a better exchange rate, can I buy more expensive teams?

Lol no. But to give some background we are using the same layout as the original developer since they helped me with setup.

Polls are closed, we have nearly 200 entrants. You can view the live results at

Good luck everyone!

Honestly, I’m having fun just reading the team names

I was reviewing the automated scoring document (really awesome stuff) and I happened to notice that 2168 (2nd pick of the #1 alliance) was credited for 1 point in the draft, rather than 8. It seems that all the second round picks are scored according to normal serpentine, instead of IRI drafting method.

Thanks for pointing this out, we’ll take a look before we finalize the results.

After updating to the IRI Drafting Method (1-8, 1-8, 8-1), the Top 3 rankings in each category (hosts + general) hasn’t changed

Congratulations to our winner of the IRI Pick’em league: 4028 with 241 points! The winner will receive a Devastator 3 Keyboard from Cooler Master.

Also congrats to our live draft winning team: Puzzles with 157 points!

For those who participated or may have been watching, we would be delighted for feedback on the process so we can continue this into the future.

Some key areas:

Live draft, both entertainment value and anything logistical.
Pick’em submissions.
Live site (ease of use, information presented, etc…)
Suggestions on scoring rules (2 pts per qual win, 1 pt per qual tie, 17-N for draft, 5 pts per elim win)

We will plan on doing this for Chezy Champs and possibly others if there is interest.

Thanks for setting this up ! The website and format was fun

Looking forward to it !

Not necessarily advocating for it, but I’m curious what the reasoning was for using 2 points per qual win instead of using the district scoring for ranking, i.e.

To have a lower barrier of entry. Some people understand that, but those who do not it can be very intimidating.