IRI - Pre-Rookie Challenge

NEW FOR 2007:

New for 2007 is the “Pre-Rookie Exhibition Challenge”. The PRE-Challenge is for teams that are in the process of forming and did not compete in the 2007 FRC season. Teams will use robots loaned or given to them by existing FRC teams. Pre-Challenge teams MUST have an existing team as their mentor during the IRI. The Pre-Challenge is intended to allow these newly forming teams the opportunity to compete in actual FIRST matches and learn from experienced mentors, field personnel and referees the “how to” of FIRST competition. It is expected that these Pre-Rookie teams will work with their mentoring teams during the regular IRI competition


If you are working with a school or group to get them into FIRST, this could be a great opportunity for them to learn more and participate in a competition. This could be the hook to get them into the 2008 competition.

You will need to get a robot for them to use, maybe your second one, or a modified robot from another year that can be effective.

This will be a separate set of exhibition matches played only with these teams to allow them to play and learn and gain experience. Only pre-rookie teams are allowed. There is no entry fee for this exhibition competition.

If you have a practice robot that another team could use, post it here so that other teams will know.

Right now, we have at least three Pre-Rookie teams that intend to participate:

Team 2160, POWER, from Indianapolis, mentored by Team 234

Team Decatur, from Decatur Central HS, mentored by Team 1018

Team Crispus Attucks / IPS, mentored by Team 829

Hi, Chris

How do we sign up are “Pre-Rookie Team?

William Kautz
Team Lugnut 1008

sorry for the delayed response here -

we will add a special section to the website for these sign-ups.