IRI Pre-Scouting

Hello everyone,

As you know, off seasons are quickly approaching and this year my team, WARP7 will be attending the Indiana Robotics Invitational. There will be many teams attending that we haven’t played this year and we would like to make a resource for everyone who is going. I have placed below a list of teams attending IRI and all the data that we have collected on these teams. We would like to encourage other teams to share their data as well. Feel free to share whatever you have, whether it’s you entire scouting sheet, just IRI teams or just one team attending.

Our IRI data:

What data are you looking to collect?
From the link posted it looks like cube scoring at 3 locations on field.

Is this the teams average number of cubes scored per location?
Is the data from their last event, multiple events in season?

If you can provide some more info, I can likely help you fill in some of the holes from teams we’ve crossed paths with at any of our 5 in-season events. Shoot me an email [email protected] else I’m liable to forget to come back and check this chief thread.

We know that not everyone collects the same data as we do so we left it pretty open ended but those 3 scoring locations would be what we imagine everyone tracked. We have labeled their last event in a column in the sheet, this is the data that we would like to use but if there is only data available from an older event then we would use that. The data is the average cubes scored across all qualification matches. Hope this helps, feel free to ask more questions if any anyone would like clarification.

Average including auto?

Those number are tele-op only, I am working on adding auto numbers as well. I will have those added ASAP.

Here is the data we collected from teams that are going to IRI that were on Daly.

Summarized data is averaged over the matches that we scouted with that team.
(Note: I created this tab just for IRI, so I apologize in advance if there are any mistakes in my excel-magic.)

The raw data is all of the data we collect from our scouting application, filtered down to the teams that are playing at IRI.

If you have any questions about the raw data and what it all means feel free to ask.

Here’s my spreadsheet of Championships data for IRI teams: The spreadsheet is broken up into qualification match data and playoff match (including Einstein) data. It mostly contains data from TBA.

Note: the relative competitiveness of championship divisions/championships has a large affect on a lot of the data.

After scouting hundreds of TBA videos, the spreadsheet is finally complete. Thanks to everyone who helped out and to WARP7 for getting it all started. The data only includes qualification matches so that probably skews the data a bit. I organized all of the data into a bubble chart that I think does a really good job of visualizing the vast field of robots going to IRI.

Link to sheet: Here

If you only looked at qual matches 1102 played at worlds you won’t a good picture of our robot’s strength on the scale. We played a lot of matches where we thought we were at such a huge disadvantage on the scale, a 1v2 for example, we didnt even try to contest it. Post mortem, we know better now and will do what we can to be one of the best scale scoring robots we can be.