IRI Predictions

IRI might be three weekends away, but it’s never too early to start making totally bold, ridiculous predictions.


  1. 1114-148-1619-225
  2. 2056-2826-1806-3130
  3. 1023-118-548-1625
  4. 624-33-67-16
  5. 1730-2468-1218-3824
  6. 195-1310-1640-217
  7. 330-2338-1756-125
  8. 234-233-469-179

1 and 2 score incredible scores in quarterfinals, as do 4 and 6.
Alliance 3 is barely outside the top 4, as is alliance 5.
Alliances 7 and 8 score well, but aren’t consistent enough to move on.

In their match against the 4 seed, 1114 misses a can in autonomous, which 33 immediately snatches up in teleop, causing the 1 seed to post a lower score than expected, and the 4 seed to set the event high score.
2826 misses auto once, causing the 2 seed to post a lower score than expected, while the 6 seed absolutely kills it in all three matches. Alliances 4 and 6 move on to finals with all four alliances being within 10 average points of one another on the scoreboard.

  1. 624-33-67-16 vs. 6) 195-1310-1640-217 in finals
    Match one has 67 drop a can, while 1310 has a rare autonomous slip-up, causing an incredible close match decided by litter in favor of the 6 seed.
    Match two has everything go wrong for the #6 alliance, with a noodle landing on 195’s ramp and 1640 falling over, making a blowout in favor of the #4 seed.

Match three sees everyone at their best in an IRI finals match. 624 makes 3 capped stacks and an uncapped short stack, 33 makes 3 stacks, and 67 makes 1 capped, two uncapped stacks.
195 makes three capped stacks and an uncapped short stack, 1310 makes two stacks capped, one stack uncapped, and 1640 makes two capped stacks, one uncapped stack.
Litter points are close, and the match is decided by a few upside-down totes that 33 managed to place in the closing seconds of the match.

Theoretical IRI Champions: 624-33-67-16
The Hot Killer CRyptoSquad
Let’s see your (likely more reasonable) predictions!

I’d pretty much wager on anything at this point that if 1114 is the 1 seed, there is no way anyone except 2056 is their first pick, and vice-versa. That being said, assuming that doesn’t happen, 148 would be a natural pick as they look to re-do what almost was at Champs this year.

My prediction is that totes will be stacked in a faster than average rate on a more consistent basis.

That’s my prediction and I’m sticking to it.

Now thats not a bold prediction. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like you’re a fan of the Archimedes #4 alliance.

My prediction is that the #1 seed will face off against a low seed (6, 7, or 8) in the finals, where the #1 alliance comes in on the blue side, but manages to pull a victory in the end due to a capped 3-stack placed in the last 5 seconds. I’m thinking my odds are pretty high;)

The thing about that alliance (195-1310-1640-217) is that the rule changes help all of them quite a bit. 195 can start pre-loaded with a container, 1310 can use the tote stack auto in their first landfill stack, and 1640 doesn’t have to race their opponents anymore for autonomous cans. All three are also very consistent with high upsides.

However for that alliance to make it as far as I predicted, they’d need some serious luck.

Teams also tend to pick teams they can work with well, so teams often end up on the same alliance a few different times.

I also have 33 and 624 together again (they allied together at last year’s IRI)

Wait, can the alliance captains choose each other this year? I thought they couldn’t.

Also, it would be AWESOME if we were able to partner with 1114, 148, and 225!

They absolutely can (and you’d be a great pick for 1114 and 148 :stuck_out_tongue: )

Looks like 179 and 233 will bring back the reign.
Lol maybe not with 1114 and 148. :wink:

If I recall correctly, 1114 and 148 were switching between 1st and 2nd throughout the entirety of qualification matches. Now I’m not sure if we’re going to be seeing the same performance that was at champs, but if 148 is ranked 1, they will most likely pick 1114, therefore splitting up the 2056+1114 combo.

I mean it depends on data from IRI, but most people this year considered 148 better than 2056. 1114 doesn’t generally pick a team because they’re friends, they pick teams they think will glean them a competitive advantage.

And I would say 1114 is more likely to seed 1st than 148, because 1114 can take on the landfill and let their partners take the feeder station in qualifications, when most of their partners will be feeder station-only.

I don’t know much about rules that will be changed? But i think with these kind of alliances we will see 300+ scores!?

Anyone have any idea as to when the IRI match schedule is released?

I can honestly see a 234-1024-1741-(insert another robot that can cap stacks of 6 here) alliance forming due to discussion in a previous thread that revealed an unexpected strategy that could amount to a potential 266 points w/o litter

You don’t have enough stacks from the landfill.
1741 hasn’t shown the ability to make three landfill stacks, and 234 and 1024 are unable to landfill.

Is the first one on the alliance the alliance captain? I doubt that 234 (my team) would be in the theoretical 15th spot at IRI but who knows. IRI will definitely be interesting.

Large amounts of landfill stacking was not part of the strategy, my friend.

Yes. The first is the alliance captain, then the first, second, and third pick.

I know that 1114 and 2056 have worked together this year but, I don’t see them picking each other at IRI. Both are good landfill bots and it would be a shame to have 1 of them put on a tethered ramp. At competitions where 1114 and 2056 were on the same alliance, It was mostly because 1114 wouldn’t want to face a team like 2056 in the finals. Karthik said something about that at his presentation at Worlds. At a competition like IRI, there isn’t only going to be 1 other team as good as 1114 like at those regionals. There will be 10 other teams just as good as 1114 so it would only make more sense to pick a human player both rather than putting a tethered ramp on a landfill bot. This being said, I don’t scout for 1114 or 2056 so I may be missing something…

Yes, captain-first pick-second pick- third pick