IRI Predictions??

I don’t know about everyone else but I am really excited for IRI and I want to know who everyone thinks is going to win. I would love to see 1114, 217, and 148 take home the title but that might be a little bias and a tad unrealistic, so what does everyone else think??

Could be possible. I would say that combination would be up to 217. They would likely have to draft 1114 1st round, and then pick up 148 as a second pick.

I am going to throw out a combo I would like to see.

67, 47, 68 this could be a very potent mix.

1538, 1503, 2753 and back up 2199

I predict a great time and at least one West Coast team winning.

Agreed- I predict that no matter what the outcome, my team’s gonna have a great time. IRI is a stellar event.

That being said, I totally want one of those trophies…

I like the way you think.

My picks:

Poofs, Wranglers and Cows.

Don’t forget that 1114 was the #2 seed in Midwest (ahead of 217) and #1 seed in Archimedes. I think either one could seed high enough to pick the other. I do agree that 148 would be the second pick.

Good point. I need to review my Archimedes history.

I have to agree with you there. Our team is just excited to be going to the event, particularly since this is our first time going. We’ll be sure to give it everything we got and if anything turns up as a result, it will be the cherry on top of the whole experience.

Much fun will be had by all.

I definitely agree with you, Jason. Karthik and I were talking about a 2008 reunion at IRI. Can’t wait!

1114 / 217 / 148 as an alliance would all be machines one ball output wide; granted they’re three of the fastest and they’re all close enough to being on par with any power dumper in speed, but the alliance is beatable; barely. That alliance would be where 148 could really shine as they wouldn’t be hampered by defense.

217 seeds high and picks 1625 and then grabs 68 in the second round to win the event with triple human player loading, some of the best floor pickup and ball throughput in Lunacy. This counts on 68 falling inexplicably low for the third or so time this season, which could potentially not happen after their oh-so-close run at Championship. (hopefully 1714 could back that alliance up :D)

I’d bet money that 1625 is walking away with a medal.

148 is not a ‘one ball wide’ bot… they can do 2 wide…

You sir, beat me to the punch.

Who really knows? This IS Lunacy after all, and 1114 + 2056 was beat out on Archimedes by the Overdrive Alliance.

Whoops. Obviously I didn’t get to catch a 148 match on Newton Field when they weren’t heavily defended. :confused:

I predict on top of my real prediction that 2039 will be on the winning alliance. Don’t let the fact that they’re not going to IRI dissuade you. This is LUNACY! Strange things are happening all the time!

Would 217 repeat their Michigan picking strategy of, “We can’t afford to play against 67?”

I seriously think that none of the powerhouse teams mentioned will end up in the top spot. There are just too many good teams to spread the wealth through the qualifications. Someone is going to end up with a surprise 8-0 or 7-1 record* because they are a good team who got help from some great teams as alliance partners. And other teams will miss a perfect or near perfect run because they came up against tough alliance opponents.

  • Or whatever a perfect or one-loss record is - how many rounds of quals?

1538 /2753 / 1771


Me likie. However, I remind people to pick a fourth bot as the back up

I just didn’t have one at the time, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??? Still thinking.

1114, 2056, 1771, and 2199.

(I’m still unsure if 1114 would pick 2056 or 217)

I’ll bet 2199 will be a 4th pick but won’t sit out the whole time, they looked good in both their regionals.

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see 330 and 67 back together. 330 may not have been at nationals, but they still looked really good all year.