IRI Predictions??

I think it will be 111 and 1114. I don’t think that two non-human loading bots like 1114 and 217 will be enough. If that where to happen I’d think that a pair like 47 and 111 would be able to beat them. Also I think the third team will be a wide consistant scorer. Someone mentioned 68, and if they are availible that would be a team that can definitly complete the top aliance. Another team that could do it would be 222. Obviously 67 will still be a factor, but there is the question of wether they can get the driving that they got durring the season. If they do, then as long as they get a good alliance, they are probably the favorite.

Both 1114 and 217 can human load, just not in the traditional method most people think of when they hear ‘human loading’. Instead of having a human player shoot ball in over the top of the driver station, they push balls out through the air lock.

Both of them have auto modes that drive to the corners and the human player in that corner can bowl balls into their pick up systems. On Einstein 217 loaded several times from the corner during teleop and auto.

If you think about it, if you want to play starvation that’s the most effective way to load… If a ball doesn’t make it into the robot, it’s not sitting out on the field as potential points against you, you just push it back into the robot.

Yes, I know but it is a limiting factor, as it can only be done once, at the beginning of a match without risking getting easily pinned and scored on (I’m just going to guess 217 supercell trap wont be a big factor, as i felt good play without supercells as a focus was more effective). Plus it is much easier to shut down that form of human loading by running interference in auto mode.

1       2
 \  1  /
 /     \
4       3

  1. 67, 217, 910, 1902
  2. 1114, 2056, 245, 79
  3. 222, 111, 868, 1649
  4. 68, 71, 2970, 1714
  5. 234, 45, 135, 2199
  6. 1625, 254, 1503, 1771
  7. 2753, 1923, 365, 341
  8. 399, 148, 2775, 16

Barry Rule: I refuse to listen to how team 33, 179, 1538, 469, 47, 1732 or any of the other amazing teams should be in any of the above teams place until the accuser creates his or her own full prediction bracket. This also applies for comments like “there is no way team X will fall that far in the draft.”

If you haven’t seen the video of 47’s new robot, they could be a top 3 team, they will not go undrafted.

easy to say when you put yourself in the #1 winning alliance…

Who said anything about winning?:rolleyes:

You don’t think that Winnovation and Poofs could topple the #3 seeded alliance? And 1114 would pick 2056 over 111? Or 68 would pick 71 over 254, 1625, 148 or even 2753?

Here’s my bracket:

  1. 217, 67, 330, 245
  2. 1114, 111, 469, 1902
  3. 1625, 254, 365, 341
  4. 47, 1503, 68, 2775
  5. 148, 71, 33, 2970
  6. 2753, 2056, 79, 222
  7. 234, 45, 1649, 16
  8. 399, 1538, 2826, 910


1 beats 8,
2 beats 7,
3 beats 6
4 beats 5


1 beats 4,
3 beats 2


3 beats 1.

Your champs would be 1625, 254, 365, 341. Diverse!


Dont rule out an all Florida Alliance.

I’ve seen it in person. It is a great bot. We will see this weekend how it fairs with some of the best of the best.

I will say, the likihood of 234 and 45 hooking up are good, two teams with similar strategies, and they just mesh well together. Will they win, I wish. :rolleyes: But come one folks, it’s IRI. The dream alliance could happen with the 4 most winning teams at IRI (I don’t know who statistically are the top 4 I would assume 67 is #1). Likewise, it’s hard to predict the dark horse who will play outstandingly and earn a win. I would like to see a diverse alliance, west coast, east coast, midwest and south all on the same alliance. Whoever wins will deserve it. IRI doesn’t have “lucky” winners, the teams who win are truly the best alliance.

my Darkhorse: EMS 1649

Still pulling for my teams from the East.:cool: Especially 1771

Has a team ever gone undefeated at IRI?

  1. Good teams will win
  2. Scores will be high
  3. Paul will do his best to embarrass Dave by mentioning “stupid rules” at some point.
  4. In retaliation, Dave will do his best to embarrass Paul at some point (setting office fires may be a workable theme, but I’m just guessing here)
  5. Baker’s cult following will reach fever pitch, while Fultz will remain under appreciated :wink:
  6. Karthik will do something very unique to embarrass himself at some point (and most hope it won’t be singing)
  7. Raul will look excited at field side at least once (or twice, or ten times)
  8. The talent show and Dean Simmons and the Kamen’s will be MUCH better attended than the drivers’ meeting
  9. Fishboy (He’d better be there. For those who disagree, you just don’t understand :))
  10. MOE will take the field at least once without a battery and/or the robot turned on (sorry Dudek, but that one’s for you :))
  11. JVN, after a bizarre electrical storm creates an unexplained force filed, will leave the event with a full head of hair.

Carry on, have fun all!!!

Quick list. I anticipate a lot of odd pickings.

** Alliance 1:** 111, 67, 1771, 1649
** Alliance 2:** 217, 1114, 45, 503
** Alliance 3:** 2056, 1625, 148, 33
** Alliance 4:** 68, 47, 868, 2199
** Alliance 5:** 399, 254, 910, 70
** Alliance 6:** 71, 1538, 79, 245
** Alliance 7:** 1714, 2970, 330, 16
** Alliance 8:** 234, 1503, 222, 1038

1 beats 8, 2 to 0
2 beats 7, 2 to 0
3 beats 6, 2 to 1
4 beats 5, 2 to 1

1 beats 4, 2 to 1
3 beats 2, 2 to 1

3 beats 1, 2 to 1

OP Robotics, Winnovation, Robowranglers, and Killer Bees will take home the gold. Karthik will sing as the sun slips below the horizon and everyone makes their way back home.

Alliance 7: 1714, 2970, 330, 16

Stop reading my mind about alliances I want D:

The joke I tell people is that 1714 has the most experience as a backup robot of anyone in Lunacy (1st backup bot twice), so people should know that when making Pick number 25-32. Hopefully my team won’t fall that far but with this deep of a field it could rather easily be the case. My dream is Alliance Captain; we’ve made unlikely runs to alliance captainship before, with less-good robots than this one.

Full predictions coming soon from me. 47 is one of my top picks. :smiley:

Could? Yes. I believe if they played eachother 9 times, it would rubbermatch until one alliance beats the other. At this caliber any team could have a good or bad match, and any alliance could beat any other. That being said, 222 has had matches where they look unbeatable, and 111 is still world champions. I have seen 1649 when a regional in person, and watched 245 score like crazy over webcast. I’ll keep the nod to my second seed.

I do believe 1114 would pick 2056 over 111, both teams are amazing. My simulation drafts include a picking bias that pairs teams up that have been successful in the past. I think it is very likely that 67 could pair with 217, 1114 with 2056, 2970 with 79, so on and so forth. If teams already know they have a relationship with another team and know that their communication can win championships, why risk working with teams you are unfamiliar with? Thinking about it, if 222 were third seed and had the choice between 2753 and 111, I don’t know why they wouldn’t pick 2753.

I am in the hotel lobby right now, getting ready to leave for IRI. Dudek has a message for you Rich -

“And what color is the Dawgma flagpole?”

(Is your prediction anyway connected to our improvement of your flag?)

Best of luck and have fun everyone! All of you are going to have a blast!

Especially those NJ and Philly area teams :yikes:

Ohhhhhh I even forgot that I had to properly thank Bob and others for our green flagpole. I would have made an even worse prediction had I remembered that. My prediction was merely my sick desire to once again see Bob frantically running around the field like he did in the quarters in DC, “We don’t have a battery, we need a battery!” It was perhaps his finest professional moment as a mentor and I would never want to let him forget it.

Maybe we’ll make a nice maroon and black pre-match checklist for the 365 drive team for the 2010 season that includes these key items:

  1. Be sure you have a battery, preferably charged, along with the robot when leaving the pit
  2. Be sure the battery is on the robot
  3. Be sure the battery we left the pit with that is most likely charged, that is on the robot, has its leads connected firmly to the corresponding leads on the robot (which is also along with us).
  4. Be sure that conditions 1-3 are still satisfied when putting the robot on the filed for the match (oh yeah, and go get the controls in the pit NOW if we forgot them)
  5. Ensure Kressly is at field side with extra batteries nearby, just in case we fail miserably at 1-4 above :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, good luck at your first IRI team 365. As I told my team when we took our first trip out there a few years ago, “It’s a pleasure to get your tails kicked by the best.” :wink: