Here is the preliminary match list for the 2017 IRI.

List could change if an error is found, or if one or more teams do not show.

102 Matches.

9 Matches Per Team.

IRI2017_ScheduleReport_Quals.pdf (25.8 KB)

IRI2017_ScheduleReport_Quals.pdf (25.8 KB)

Saw match #1. Went “yup”. Closed page.

So favorite quals matches from the prelim schedule?
I’m liking q25 (125,2168,67) Red alliance and q73 blue(33,2451,195).
I’m sure I missed lots of awesome alliances too.

I’m liking match 38:
1885, 118, 1746 vs 2056, 1732, 3478

Match 60 looks crazy. 1114, 910, and 2168 against 4967, 191 and 1619.

Seven minute turn around times…
I guess if anyone can do it it’s this group.

Just a warning - this schedule is entirely too ridiculously fun for my team, which in the past has meant something will occur to make it change and revert to the norm. So be prepared. :slight_smile:

Ours is absolutely brutal, which is fun in it’s own right. Reminds me of our time at MARC in 2012. We got our butts kicked and had a grand old time. It was inspiring working with and against so many great teams! No matter what I expect my kids to come away with some great memories.

There are so many great looking alliances and intense looking matches. Here’s a short list of some of the most notable matches, for those who don’t want to read the whole schedule. Feel free to add to it!

Q1: 1114-67 vs. 2337-33
Q5: 2122 vs. 118
Q14: 195-2767 alliance
Q21: 2337 vs. 4967
Q25: 125-2168-67 alliance
Q29: 1619-118 alliance
Q36: 125-2481 alliance
Q38: 118 vs. 2056
Q39: 225-1114 alliance
Q43: 2122-1619 vs. 195
Q48: 1619 vs. 2337
Q53: 2767-33-2481 alliance
Q54: 2122 vs. 1114-2056
Q55: 118 vs. 225
Q60: 1619-4967 vs. 1114-2168
Q62: 125-225 vs. 2056-2451
Q66: 2122-2337 alliance
Q68: 118-33 alliance
Q71: 2767 vs. 1114
Q73: 33-2451-195 vs. 118-4967
Q75: 225-2122 alliance
Q77: 2056-2337 alliance
Q82: 118-1114 vs. 125
Q83: 2122-67 vs. 5406-1885
Q85: 2451-1619 alliance
Q90: 195-225 vs. 2481
Q91: 2056-4967 alliance
Q93: 2337-1732-2451 alliance
Q95: 2122-33 alliance
Q96: 2056 vs. 195
Q98: 1619-225 alliance
Q100: 2168 vs. 1885
Q102: 118-2481 vs. 2767

Based on the schedule, it looks like a place in the top 8 is 33’s to lose. Not only are they fantastic in themselves, they’re also matched with 118, 2481, 2767, 2337, 2451, 195, 2122, and more.

Extended insights from TBA would be fun to look at.

Re: earlier comments about 33 – they do seem well positioned for a shot at repeating.

Stryke Force’s schedule does not appear to be as favorable; however, this is IRI and anything can happen. Also, based on a teaser that I was lucky enough to see (and will not disclose details of), I rate 2767’s chances >Average. :slight_smile:

Is there supposed to be a time scheduled for lunch Friday or are teams supposed to just eat between their matches? I haven’t been to IRI before so I wouldn’t know. Thanks!

They wanted nine matches for each team so in order to do that they will forgo a scheduled lunch and power on through to 7. They’ve done it before.

So they have a gear plus hopper auto then? Good to know!

We have not had a Friday lunch break for many years.

Hang gears with one hand, eat corn with the other.

That would be something to see…

I think you guys could probably weasel “food” into H12-G as an allowable item–after all, it’s protecting against hunger/fainting…:stuck_out_tongue:

Or in my case, click match start with one hand, eat corn with the other.

Looks like a fun schedule.

From your mouth to God’s ear, this schedule is not god for us.

My Archimedes crew was running 6s in STL…

Most of the championship crews did really well.
I have an excellent IRI que team as well.